Accelerate growth and outperform your competition
  • Accurate data: Spend less time reporting and more time growing; always have accurate, up-to-date data about your business performance
  • Live data and metrics: Empower marketing, product and sales teams with access to live metrics to drive immediate actions
  • Fast deployment and performance: Get up and running in minutes with near-instant deployment and fast query performance, even for high volumes of data
  • Scalability: You can have confidence that Periscope Data will scale with you as your business grows

The speed at which we could get up and running with Periscope was the deciding factor. With Periscope Data, each team can still slice and dice their own data, but everyone from our executive team down to our individual sales members are all looking at the same data sources, so whenever anyone talks, they are always talking in the same language and with the same scope.

Carthook: Ben Fisher
Brian Allen
Product manager at Tenor

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