Type SQL, Get Charts

Periscope connects directly to your database and lets
you run, visualize, and share analyses on billions of
rows of data in seconds.

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How It Works

1. Connect Your Databases
Periscope connects directly to your databases. No ETL, no uploads, no pings. You'll be making charts the day you sign up.
2. Write SQL
Write the same SQL you know and love, directly in our web editor. Snippets, views, filters and autocomplete make it painless.
3. Create Charts
Choose from dozens of chart types and hundreds of customizations. Make your analysis look and feel exactly how it should.
4. Share Dashboards
Share your analyses with teammates, partners and customers. All Periscope plans include unlimited user accounts.


The World's Best SQL Editor

Snippets, Views and Filters make SQL extensible, scalable and flexible. Automatic joins, time zones and more make SQL a joy to write again.

Gorgeous Visualizations

With dozens of available visualizations and hundreds of customizations, your analyses will always look best-in-class.