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Go Deep On The Data With SQL, Python and R

Periscope Platform delivers SQL, Python, and R together in one solution, allowing you to quickly perform complex analyses and uncover powerful insights.

Get Up And Running In An Hour

Deliver value immediately without the need to learn a new proprietary language or perform any upfront modeling.

Spend More Time Analyzing And Less Time Waiting

Rapidly iterate and see changes instantly with a fast and agile analytics platform that evolves with your business.

150 times faster than anything else on the market, analyze data and share beautiful charts and dashboards on-demand.

Periscope Data Query Throughput

Competitive Solutions

Embed Insights Anywhere

From sharing dashboards internally to embedding them into your products, bring the power of analytics to your organization, partners, and customers.

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Acme Email Campaigns

See Embeds in Action

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Which Periscope Package Is Right For You?


Analyze, visualize, and share insights instantly using SQL.
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Answer the toughest questions with SQL, Python and R, advanced functionality and manageability.
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Select best-in-class Platform features to meet your specific needs.
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Periscope Solutions




User Seats
10 seats included
10 seats included
Periscope Infrastructure
Accelerate your queries performance with Periscope cache
10GB cache included
10GB cache included
Materialized Views
Store physical copies of complex and time intensive SQL views to accelerate query performance
Database Connectors
Connect to your data sources
Data Lake Integrations (Presto, Qubole, Athena)
Enable analysis of big data with integrations to top data lakes.
Self-Service Functionalities
Allow users to interact with dashboards and answer custom questions without needing to write code
SQL Editor
Built with powerful functionalities to make analysts more efficient than ever; includes SQL Snippets and Views
Python and R Editor
Easily move between SQL, Python, R to do more valuable analysis in a shorter amount of time, including Python libraries and R packages


Charting Capabilities
Visualize your insights intuitively and interactively with a wide range of chart options.
Color Themes
Enable users to create custom color palettes to be applied at the site-, dashboard-, and chart-level.

Sharing & Reporting

URL Link Sharing
Create and send links direct to reports and dashboards.
Customized Email Alerts
Schedule reports and dashboards to be sent directly to your inbox.
Slack Integration
Share live dashboards with your coworkers.
Collaborate by adding comments or questions directly onto charts.
Full TV Mode
Share critical metrics in meetings or with your entire organization.
Printable PDF Dashboards
Easily create polished reports or dashboard snapshots with printable, PDF dashboards.


User Permissions
Manage permissions centrally to ensure people have access only to relevant dashboards and data.
SQL Alerts
Notify users when a query result is abnormal compared to the predefined value
Version Control
Easily revert back to a previous version
Shared Dashboard Passwords
Secure your shared dashboards with editable and revocable passwords
Control Data Export
Maintain data security by controlling CSV data export from shared dashboards
Dashboard Refresh Management
Manage when and how often dashboards are refreshed to reflect live data when needed.
Query Management
Prioritize important queries to make sure key dashboards and analysis are completed on time
Usage Data
Know who is accessing data and how they are using it to optimize dashboard performance

Security & Compliance

Single Sign-on
Integrate with top SSO providers like Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin, and Google Apps SAML 2.0.
Two-factor Authentication
Secure your data using two-factor authentication with top authenticator apps.
HIPAA Compliance & BAA


Periscope infrastructure (cache)
Expand the amount of Periscope Infrastructure to accelerate your queries performance
Managed Redshift Data Warehouse
Utilize a full private node for read/write access, full visibility and control of your data architecture
Embed and Render API 
Programmatically generate and share customized, user-specific dashboards externally at scale either embedded in your product or as a downloadable PDF.
Enable admins to adjust visibility of certain dashboards and datasets for different teams, departments, and customers.
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Looking To Accelerate Your Business Insight? Periscope Unified Data Platform.

For emerging businesses

  • All your data in one place
  • Scale and evolve as your company grows
  • Single, trusted platform for your analytics needs
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For established companies

  • Access to team or department-specific data
  • Accelerate query speed for ad hoc analyses
  • Data preparation without IT
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Periscope Express

Go from SQL to charts, instantly.

Periscope Analytics

Answer the toughest questions.

Periscope Custom

Analytics built for you.

Visualizations & Sharing

Talk to us!
[email protected]
User Seats10 seats included10 seats included
SQL Editor
Python/R Editorx
Drag-n-Drop (including pivots, filters, drilldown, annotate, etc.)
Sharing functionalities
Download PDF, Printable Dashboard, CSV Disabledx
Color Themesx

Security & Manageability

2FA enforcement
User Permissions
Shared Dashboard Passwordsx
Query Managementx
Dashboard Refresh Managementx
Usage Datax


Infrastructure10GB cache included10GB cache included
Data Lake integrations (Presto, Qubole, Athena)x




Embed/Render API

White Labeling

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