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Speed up your analyses by 150X with Periscope's proprietary data caching technology.

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Periscope keeps all your charts and dashboards up to date. Never run the same query twice.

Painless Integration

Periscope plugs directly into your database. No ETL, no uploading, no copying, no hassle.

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Matthew Perkins
Product Manager, The Climate Corporation
“At Climate we use Periscope to help us quickly find out what farmers are doing with our product. Our decisions are quick and data-driven because Periscope gives us the ability to instantly generate insights from SQL queries.”
Emily Greer
CEO and Co-Founder, Kongregate
“Periscope brings our data together from 7 disparate data sources and makes it accessible to all levels of people at Kongregate. It's like bringing your data out of a back room and putting it in a shop window.”
Shane Hall
Head of Product, The Hunt
“Periscope has made it easy for us to pull all of our data together into one set of dashboards and allows us to easily create charts for anything we need.”
Sean “Day[9]” Plott
Lead Designer, Artillery Games
“At Artillery, we use Periscope to slice our gameplay data in any way we want. The insane power and simplicity allows us to quickly iterate on every aspect of our game design!”

How It Works

1. Connect Your Databases
Periscope connects directly to your databases. No ETL, no uploads, no pings. You'll be making charts the day you sign up.
2. Write SQL
Write the same SQL you know and love, directly in our web editor. Snippets, views, filters and autocomplete make it painless.
3. Create Charts
Choose from dozens of chart types and hundreds of customizations. Make your analysis look and feel exactly how it should.
4. Share Dashboards
Share your analyses with teammates, partners and customers. All Periscope plans include unlimited user accounts.


The World's Best SQL Editor

Snippets, Views and Filters make SQL extensible, scalable and flexible. Automatic joins, time zones and more make SQL a joy to write again.

Gorgeous Visualizations

With dozens of available visualizations and hundreds of customizations, your analyses will always look best-in-class.


Periscope is built by a small team of hackers working out of a warehouse in San Francisco. We love our customers, greasy Indian food, great whiskey, and that moment when a blip in the data makes you say, "wait a minute…"

Rose Shaw
The Gym Rat
Rose was born and raised in sunny South Bay and moved up north to run the hilly SF streets. She previously designed and built tools at Informatica and is excited to be thrown into the world of web.
Martha Hinrichs
Admiral of Adventure
Martha left Florida to conquer the wild west that is Silicon Valley. With previous experience at a computational linguistics startup, Martha enjoys both learning and analyzing languages, dabbling in everything from Java to German.
Tal Shprecher
The Competitor
Tal grew up in Southern CA and, after some time in Seattle, moved down to the Bay Area. He previously worked on scaling Twitter's authentication service. You can challenge him to a tennis match or a game of go. He won't get too mad if he loses.
Katie Wong
The Voyager
Katie spent all of 2015 traveling to 7 continents, but the sun, cuisine, and innovation brought her back home. She enjoys playing field hockey, chasing her pet chinchillas, and providing customers with a world-class sales experience.
Sangeeta Balasubramani
The Logical Artist
Sangeeta is a design enthusiast at heart who strives to create simple and useful design. In a parallel world, She is an Indian classical dancer and likes to travel and consume all things related to art history.
Mark Boos
Mr. Nice Guy
Mark is a recovering Canadian political staffer who joined Periscope to help supercharge their pipeline. His interests include “crushing it”, high fives, eating oysters, and self-deprecating humor.
Deanna Tsang
The Free Spirit
Whether it's surrealism painting, amateur photography, traveling solo, or running errands with her "son" (pet bunny, Peanut), Deanna is drawn to anything out of the ordinary, much like Periscope's unique and powerful insights.
Alex LeVeque
The Michigander
Alex moved from Michigan to the Bay Area in 2012 where he found the wonderful world of software sales. Despite moving across the country, his hobbies stayed the same, playing hockey three times a week and golf when the weather permits.
Charlotte Campbell
The Cosplay Queen
Charlotte grew up in the cold winters of Chicago and is thrilled to be in sunny San Francisco with Periscope Data! She graduated from the University of Michigan and loves writing SQL queries and introducing people to coding and crafts.
Lisa De Biasi
The Lethal Weapon
A Bay Area native who landed in the tech industry by chance. Lisa has a masters in GSD, is fluent in sarcasm and suffers from FOMO. When she's not tinkering with Salesforce, she's bullying boys on the soccer field or hanging with family & friends.
Lisa Mixsell
The Life-Saver
Lisa is everyone's go-to resource at Periscope Data and makes sure we're moving as smoothly as the product. As a California native she would never give up San Francisco, sunny beaches or ocean sunsets.
Ashley Atwood
The Go-Getter
Brunches, beaches, and big data: what more do you need? Ashley moved to San Francisco for the fast paced city life and start-up culture. Aside from being at Periscope Data, you can find this dog mom going on walks in the bay with her puppy, Bay.
Rachel Guerra
The People Person
Rachel is excited to share Periscope's mission with new prospects. After growing up in San Diego and spending four years in Dallas, she's integrating well with the dynamic SF lifestyle, even if she refuses to say the word "hella."
Mike Zahuta
The Revolutionary
Mike joined Periscope to bring speed to the world of data scientists and analysts. When he's not at Periscope, you can find him playing the beautiful game, quoting Dave Chappelle, or enjoying an IPA. Frequently doing all three at the same time.
Jon Brink
The Problem Solver
Jon firmly believes in the power of data and is excited to help Periscope spread the love. Outside of work, he nerds out over languages and gets excited to practice Spanish in the 94110 (con un montón de tacos, obvio).
Taylor Smith
The Triple Threat
Taylor has had a history of success in Business Development, Enterprise Sales, and Sales Management. Keeping with the theme of threes, she is also a triathlete and enjoys spending time with fiancé Matt and dogs Sundance and Pearl.
Nicole Simon
The Globetrotter
Nicole has a wanderlust and has visited more than 20 countries. At Periscope she gets to connect with companies all over the world, sharing how Periscope can help them easily visualize key data trends and make better strategic decisions.
Joe Young
The Pipeline Pilot
Joe joined Periscope Data to build the Sales Development team. He enjoys any combination of golf, BBQ, beaches, and craft beer (preferably all of the above).
Jerry Clarno
The Industry Veteran
Jerry loves building high growth sales teams (e.g. Box and Successfactors). He also closely follows the Oregon Ducks, since he went there before it was cool (read: they weren't very good back then) and it makes him feel like a trend setter.
Caroline Kelter
The Sales Queen
After surviving 4 cold winters at Cornell, Caroline hurried back to the sunshine of her native Golden State! She remains a loyal Laker fan despite the Warrior-mania, and is excited to help businesses make better decisions with Periscope Data!
Chris Meier
The MacGyver
An East Bay transplant, Chris joins Periscope Data to spread his love of all things data. If he isn’t sharing the hottest tips for making dashboards magical, you’ll find him outside droning and taking photos.
Laura Hall
The Salesologist
Laura is originally from Canada but she visited San Francisco on vacation and now she won't leave the sun. When she's not at Periscope Data as part of the sales team, you will find her cycling or hiking with her dog.
Mike Ferrell
The Comedian
From LA to SF, Mike has always loved the West Coast. When he's not on the phone with a customer, you can find him outside either in the mountains or near the beach.
Skylar Lee
The Wanderlust
Having experimented with philosophy, music, biomedical and electrical engineering, Skylar found her passion in software engineering. While still remaining an adventurous spirit, she holds fast to the motto 'in data we trust'.
Sunny Xu
The Giver
Sunny loves learning new things and sharing them with people, which is why she is now at Periscope Data! Previously, she graduated from Princeton and then worked in finance to practice reading the mind of the Federal Reserve.
Arthur McPadden
The Epicure
Arthur is a Bay Area Native who moved back from college in Arizona to escape the heat. He comes to Periscope with a passion for building sales teams from the ground up and is considered a burrito connoisseur.
Andreas Djokic
Captain Doctor
Andreas moved to San Francisco to chase his startup dreams with Frenvu. Following his backend work with algorithm design, he joined Periscope to help others find the fun side of data. He consumes anything hockey related.
Evan Huddleson
The Lazerbass
Evan's love for big data grew out of his experience with UAV's and music production. Turning data into beautiful information for Periscope's clients is his passion, plus he plays a mean bass guitar.
Rya Sciban
The Data Inquisitor
Rya moved to SF lured with the promise of lots of data. She quickly fell in love with Periscope, and the rest is history. At Periscope, she turns her inquisitive mind towards product management and making Periscope the analytics tool of the future.
Austin Gibbons
Superman’s Understudy
Austin almost became a computer architect but in the nick of time moved to California to study data analytics. Previously he helped build science pipelines at Quantifind & Stanford, and is now excited to be engineering at Periscope.
Ian Meadow
The Rainmaker
This born and bred New Yorker moved cross country to San Francisco to live in the heart of the tech community. With a tenured history in digital ad sales he left Yelp to help build the future of sales at Periscope.
Michael Pancottine
The Closer
Originally from the Northwest, Michael is a huge Seahawks fan. He started his tech career at Hoopla Software where he sold sales gamification and engagement software. At Periscope Data he is helping to build the sales department.
Jon Bishop
The Growth Hacker
Jon joined Periscope Data to scale marketing and help bring smiles to the faces of SQL analysts everywhere. Previously, Jon consulted startups on growth and ran his own marketing course startup.
Jason Freidman
The Architect
After leaving Google to join Periscope Data, Jason promptly began rebuilding Periscope Data's backend services in Go. Before Google, Jason was lord of backend engineering at SF-based startup Tokbox.
David Ganzhorn
The Mad Scientist
Ganz joined Periscope Data from Google, where he ran dozens of A/B tests on the search results page, generating billions in new revenue. At Periscope Data he hacks on all levels of the stack.
Tom O'Neill
The Tank
Periscope Data was started in Tom's apartment, where he built the first version of the product in a weekend. He leads Periscope Data's engineering efforts, and holds the coveted customer-facing bugfix record. (10 minutes!)
Harry Glaser
The Customer Advocate
Harry handles Periscope Data's customer support, sales, office hunting, whiskey buying, and website copywriting. In his spare time he still checks in a little code, much to the annoyance of the other engineers.

We are backed by some of the smartest, most helpful investors in the known universe.

Marissa Mayer
CEO, Yahoo!
Ellen Pao
CEO, Reddit
John Kobs
CEO, Apartment List
Ben Ling
Khosla Ventures
Keval Desai
InterWest Partners