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Deliver an end-to-end analytics workflow and enable powerful data team collaboration, all on a single, unified platform.

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January 31, 2018

Driving Deeper, Faster Insights with Persicope Data's Unified Data Platform

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One Platform. One Team.

Say goodbye to disputes around data definitions, governance and metrics. Periscope Data is the single source of truth for all your data.

About the Platform

Insight in Seconds.
Not Hours or Days.

Up to 150 times faster than anything else on the market, Periscope Data lets you easily create and share actionable charts and dashboards with your stakeholders, when, where and how they want it.

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Periscope Data With Redshift Clusters

Periscope Data automatically syncs your data to our Redshift clusters, giving you the power of a high-performance distributed database without any of the maintenance overhead.

Periscope Data Query Throughput

Competitive Solutions

Periscope Data dashboard for mobile game data

100% Data Warehouse. 0% IT Hassle.

Now Data Analysts can easily launch a powerful, managed data warehouse with full control over access and authorization. No IT needed.

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Connect to any data source, any data type, any data flow.
Load data into your dedicated, highly optimized environment.
Blend everything together to discover new insights on-demand.

More Than 900 Companies Rely on Periscope Data Every Day

Works the Way You Do

Through our native connectors and ETL partners, connect to all of your data and bring it together in a single platform to power insightful analysis and insights.
Amazon Redshift
Google AdWords
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