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Optimize your funnel — from awareness to conversion — with real-time insights
  • Mobile, online and in-store: Join data from multiple channels in one place to understand where customers came from and why they convert
  • Real-time insights: View insights in real time to optimize marketing campaigns and identify opportunities to improve targeting, conversion and ROI
  • Improved customer segmentation: Combine customer information and purchase history to offer a highly personalized experience that increases loyalty
  • Predictive data models: Advanced analytics predict future demand for products and services, proactively suggesting desirable products for customers

We needed an analytics solution that could handle our demands for up-to-date information and allow us to answer new questions as they came up. Periscope Data took a lot of pressure off our business because of how easy it was to develop and deploy.

Carthook: Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher
Co-founder and CTO at Carthook

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