Logistics & Transportation

Improve revenue and lower costs by gaining visibility into real-time inventory, pricing and operation
  • Accurate and timely data: Optimize and monitor logistics operations with access to accurate and timely data
  • Increase efficiency: Leverage data to efficiently reroute shipments and make on-time deliveries when unexpected events occur
  • Identify critical issues: Improve customer experience and revenue by identifying and prioritizing critical issues, then providing recommendations that are repeatable

One of the main things that is enabling us to succeed and really beat the other freight forwarders out there is that we really do have a data-informed culture, and Periscope Data has been integral to that. Periscope Data has enabled us to be more data-informed because it makes every user of it enjoy using data.

Carthook: Ben Fisher
Patrick Steigler
Director of data science at Flexport

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