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Speed Up Your SQL

As an analyst, your work is important! Slow queries can keep you from efficiently surfacing and acting on insights. This could be delaying better business outcomes, as well as your professional advancement.

Download this guide to sharpen your skills and speed up your analyses.

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The Analyst’s Guide to Amazon Redshift

At Periscope Data we’ve tried all kinds of databases in search of speed, from custom hardware to cloud storage. Time and time again, Amazon Redshift has come out on top.

Download this 17-page guide and learn how to get started with Redshift.

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A SQL-Based Approach to Cohort Retention and Analysis

Analyzing user segments can reveal powerful insights, like what makes users stick around or abandon your product.

Learn how to perform cohort analysis using SQL and interpret your results in our latest guide.

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Introducing the Unified Data Platform

When teams can work together off of the freshest, most accurate data, they’re empowered to make the right data-informed decisions. Learn about the advantages that come with bringing your data onto one platform in this on-demand webinar, and get a glimpse into Periscope Data’s vision for a unified data platform.

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