Periscope Express

Get up and running in less than an hour to visualize and share insights. Type SQL, get charts.

Our SQL Editor Was Built By Experts, For Experts

Powerful functionalities, like query revision history, autocomplete, formatting, and universal syntax helpers will enable you to go from query to answer in seconds.

Improve your workflow and team collaboration with SQL Snippets and Views. Store frequently used code to a common library with Snippets or reuse entire queries with Views.

The Periscope Data editor for SQL and Python analysts

Go From Queries To Charts, Instantly

The Periscope Database Cache utilizes a distributed architecture with columnar storage for rapid data retrieval. Our data scientists and engineers are Amazon Redshift specialists with years of experience pushing the limits.

Cross Database Joins

Connect all of your databases, tie your data together, and spend less time establishing connections.

Near Real-Time Data Syncing

Never make decisions using outdated metrics again. Periscope Data stays in sync with your internal servers by default so charts and dashboards are automatically refreshed and updated.

Highly Available Clusters

Worry less about database maintenance and more time focusing on bringing value to your business.

Create Interactive And Dynamic Dashboards

From bar charts to maps, our many customization options let you express your ideas and answer meaningful questions with actionable insights.

Create creative and interactive dashboards in Periscope Data

Easily Explore Data Even Without SQL

With our interface and exploration features such as filters, drill downs, and pivot tables, you can easily refine a new dashboard or dig deeper to analyze charts without ever touching SQL code.

Use excel style pivot tables for easy data exploration

Deliver And Share Insights Live

No more version control issues. Periscope Data makes it easy to share live data and insights with your teams and customers.

Link Sharing

Create and send links direct to reports and dashboards.

Customizable Email Alerts

Schedule reports and dashboards to be sent directly to your inbox.

Slack Integration

Share live dashboards with your coworkers.


Collaborate by adding comments or questions directly onto charts.

Full-Screen TV Mode

Show critical metrics in meetings or with your entire organization.

Supercharge With Periscope Platform

Connect to Your Data

Securely push or pull data from any source using our native connectors or ETL partners into a single, governed data platform.

Accelerate Queries

Run queries up to 150x faster while reducing dependency on your existing databases

Materialize New Views

Create and store new data tables by joining and blending data from multiple sources

Map Dependencies

Ensure accuracy of your dashboards with visibility into dependencies on data sources

Manage Cluster Performance

Full control and visibility into cluster CPU’s and memory performance

Embedding and Reporting

Easily deliver live dashboards or polished reports to share with other teams, partners, or customers

Iron-Clad Security

Nothing is more important than the security of your data. That's why we've built a cloud security infrastructure that follows industry-wide best practices and standards while being trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

User Security

Two-Factor Authentication and Single Sign‑On


End-to-end (AES-256 Bit) Encryption