Update: “Your Data Team Should Be Your Company's Conscience” — Forbes Technology Council
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The Periscope Unified Data Platform

One Platform For End‑to‑End Analytics

Unify data and analyses onto a single platform to create a single source of truth and deliver the fastest time to insight.

“Periscope Data is our analytics vendor of choice. Their platform centralizes all of our data and handles the data management so we can focus on our business.”

Leading Market Research Firm

Single, Trusted Platform For All Your Analytics Needs

Easily launch a secure, managed data warehouse, streamlining the entire analytics workflow — from data ingestion to analysis and reporting — all while maintaining complete control. All data is automatically replicated and continuously backed up. The health of your data warehouse is constantly monitored and failed drives and nodes are replaced as necessary.

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Connect To All Your Data Sources

 Through our native connectors and partners, the Periscope Platform enables you to unite disparate data sources. Now you can go from data ingestion to insight quickly and easily.

Amazon Redshift
Google AdWords

All Your Data In Sync, Up‑to‑Date, And In One Place

Persistent connectivity, coupled with automated queries, ensures that charts and dashboards are always accurate and up-to-date. 

Dependency mapping in the Periscope Data warehouse
Dependency Map
The unified data pipeline gives visibility to your data sources, dependency, and scheduling.
The high-speed cache and warehouse help you control your data and join data from across your company
Cache Settings
Enjoy admin-level control and visibility to optimize your analytics performance.
Easily control the configuration of your warehouse and scale as needed for peak performance
Cluster Performance
You have full control and visibility into your cluster's CPU and memory performance.
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Deliver Insights In Seconds, Not Hours

Periscope Data helps you work faster by significantly improving query speed on very large databases while allowing users to connect and query across multiple data sources. 

Build complex queries and transfer the results to new tables with the click of a button, enabling you to deliver rapid insights even for ad hoc analysis.

We Scale With You

Periscope Platform scales to meet demand and is extensible to new data sources as your organization grows. Supported by our expert data engineers, completely automate the administrative tasks to manage, monitor, and scale your Redshift warehouse.

100% managed and maintained by Periscope Data. 100% control and access for you.

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

The Periscope Data Warehouse scales on-demand to perform in periods of high usage (multiple queries or users). Plus, your data is always available and up-to-date with our 99.9% uptime. We support global regions and can store data anywhere in the world.

AWS Global Infrastructure