October 2, 2019

Top small companies for compensation in 2019

Dalvin Brown

Employees have spoken, and the highest-rated large companies for compensation and benefits in the U.S. are Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

That's according to the latest salary survey by the job-hunting website Comparably, which compiled data from 10 million ratings across 50,000 U.S. companies.

At the top of the list for smaller companies is the San Francisco-based lending company Upgrade, the finance company Nerdwallet and the sales software platform Highspot, according to employees.

Workers were asked questions like, "How often do you get a raise?" and "Are you satisfied with your benefits?" To qualify, large companies with more than 500 employees had to have a minimum of 75 employees participate in the anonymous survey. Smaller companies with under 500 employees had a minimum of 25 employee participants.

Most employees (82%) at the large companies on the list said they felt they were paid fairly at work compared to 94% of workers at the top smaller companies. By contrast, 47% of all the workers surveyed by Comparably say they feel as though they are fairly compensated.


Top small companies for compensation in 2019

Ranked highest to lowest

1. Upgrade —  San Francisco, California

2. NerdWallet — San Francisco, California

3. Highspot — Seattle

4. Aptris — Rockford, IL

5. SalesLoft — Atlanta

6. InvestCloud — West Hollywood, California

7. Drizly — Boston

8. CultureIQ — New York

9. Periscope Data by Sisense — San Francisco

10. Culture Amp — San Francisco


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