July 3, 2019

8 Data Analytics Acquisitions That Will Re-Shape the Industry

Timothy King

Big data is big business, and the marketplace for data analytics and business intelligence software is gushing with innovative providers and advanced technologies. The proliferation of enterprise data science has seen an already vibrant landscape grow even brighter, with continued interest from major players and outside firms looking to expand their product portfolios. With millions invested and billions in valuation, analytics and BI providers are emerging as some of the fastest-growing (and most profitable) companies on the planet.

These 8 data analytics acquisitions are the biggest of the year to date. We’ve compiled these news stories into a concise article for you in hopes of helping you paint a more clear picture of the space.

Sisense and Periscope Data Join Forces in Major BI Merger (May)

Sisense and Periscope Data are two of the more technology forward BI providers in the space, and though the May announcementfirst came as a surprise, we believe it to be a great match. Sisense has seen its star rise considerably in the crowded BI marketplace since CEO Amir Orad took over in February of 2015. As a result of the deal, Periscope Data founders Harry Glaser and Tom O’Neill and their teams are taking leadership roles in the combined business, which will operate under the Sisense brand.

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