Update: “Your Data Team Should Be Your Company's Conscience” — Forbes Technology Council
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SQL Editor Built By Experts, For Experts

Powerful functionalities like query revision history, autocomplete, formatting and universal syntax helpers will enable you to go from query to answer in seconds.

Store frequently used code to a common library with Snippets or reuse entire queries with Views.

The Periscope Data editor for SQL and Python analysts

Go Deeper On Your Data With Python And R

With support for SQL, R and Python in the same environment, you can prepare datasets, perform analysis and create visualizations on a single platform. This integrated workflow ensures a single source of truth across the organization and helps you get more done quickly.

Get More From Your Data

Predictive Analytics

Go from answering what happened to what will happen to keep your company proactive and stay competitive.

Natural Language Processing

Seamlessly query and analyze unstructured data, then iterate to identify trends and provide recommendations.


Quickly build and test your hypotheses and models before bringing them into a production system.

Data Preparation

Take advantage of the integrated SQL, Python and R environments to make data cleaning simpler and faster.

Version Control

Collaborate and share without worries. Charts, SQL Views, SQL Alerts and SQL Snippets store previous SQL and settings, making it easy to track revisions and revert back to a previous state at any time.