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Periscope Data at AWS re:Invent 2018

Last month, Periscope Data spent a week in Las Vegas to participate in AWS’s annual re:Invent conference. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet with some of our most innovative customers and partners to discuss how data is being used now and brainstorm about exciting future possibilities.

We connected with the AWS community in a variety of ways at the event. Here’s a quick recap of some of our most exciting activities from re:Invent.

CEO Harry Glaser's presentation about ethical AI

As more companies invest in creating ways to generate value from AI and machine learning technologies, the data team takes on an important new responsibility as the moral compass of the company. Since the data team is creating new ways to automate decision-making, they need to make sure that these decisions aren’t replicating past mistakes and biases on a large scale.

In Harry’s session at re:Invent, he discussed moral and immoral instance of modern companies using AI and machine learning algorithms. The data team is in a unique position to correct mistakes and build new ethical tools that understand data problems are human problems. Ultimately, the increase in artificial intelligence needs to be accompanied by an equal increase in human intelligence.

Redshift speed test blog

In their journey to provide the best possible product for customers, Redshift is constantly releasing software updates to improve performance. To quantify how much their software has changed in the last 6 months, our team conducted a test that measured average time for the same query on two separate versions of the Redshift software.

Our test showed an increase of 2.4x speed in the newest Redshift offering, which we attribute to a more consistent query experience with fewer spikes in query time. Without changing anything, Redshift customers can now run 2.4x more analyses per day. We’re happy to see the Redshift team continue to improve and iterate on the product because it means spending less time running queries and more time analyzing critical business questions to make decisions.

Periscope Data’s Stacked Bar happy hour

After the long days on a conference like re:Invent, it’s great to have a chance to relax with colleagues and enjoy food, drink and a conversation with other data pros. Our Stacked Bar happy hour was just that: a chance for the innovative data minds attending the event to get together and discuss the ideas that were sparked throughout the day.

To make things a little more exciting, our event also included a few door prizes and raffles plus a chance to track data about an NFL game in real time. It was a great chance for some of the senior members of our team to meet face-to-face with customers to get to know each other and talk about some ways to do even more exciting things with data.

AWS re:Invent 2018 was a great place to dive into the ways our platform can pair with AWS to help data teams uncover more powerful insights easier and faster than ever. We’re particularly excited to see our community using Redshift as a part of our new Data Engine feature, which allows every query to run on the best technology. If you’re looking for more information about our relationship with AWS, you can read more on our AWS partner page.


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Brenna Robinson
Brenna is the head of growth marketing at Periscope Data, where she leads a data-obsessed team getting Periscope into the hands of data-loving companies everywhere.