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Announcing Periscope Data’s $9.5M Series A

We could not be more excited to announce that we have raised $9.5M in Series A funding from Josh Stein at DFJ!

It’s been a whirlwind couple of years. Periscope Data started as a side project that enabled our founders to visualize data quickly and flexibly. Since then, it’s snowballed into a data visualization product for professional analysts, capable of speeding up analyses by 150X. This last year alone, we’ve grown revenue over 10X, and we now have over 200 customers.

We’ll take any excuse to show off our spiffy new logo.

Data visualization is a complex space, full of tools promising to allow non-technical users to make charts. Bafflingly, professional analysts, who spend all day driving the hardest, most complex, most sophisticated business decisions, have been left out in the cold — until now.

We’re very lucky to have had these analysts as our earliest customers. We’re indebted to folks like Ross, Alex and Aaron at Kongregate; Jason and Bhavna at The Climate Corporation; and Leon, Ryan and Brian at ZipRecruiter. They taught us about this important need, they saw the promise in an early product, and they believed in a young startup team.

‍The aforementioned “young startup team,” hard at work at our SOMA headquarters.
‍‍The aforementioned “young startup team,” hard at work at our SOMA headquarters.

Periscope Data was growing almost entirely on revenue when we found ourselves with the opportunity to raise a Series A. We saw it as a fortuitous opportunity to add someone to the team with serious SaaS expertise — someone like Josh.

We have the chance to make Periscope Data into a large, enduring company. That opportunity deserves a partner with deep experience scaling up our SaaS business model, who knows where the twists, turns and potholes are in the road ahead. We could not be more excited to be partnering with Josh and DFJ . Plus, we love any investor who gets excited about cohort analyses!

‍There’s a cohort analysis just offscreen that’s making Josh excited.

We’ll be using the funding to expand our marketing efforts and our sales team, in order to grab the opportunity in front of us as fast as possible. We remain laser-focused on building the fastest, most powerful platform in the world for data analysts.

On that note, we’re hiring engineers who like to ship 9 times per day, salespeople who like to close 11 deals per month, and UX designers who like to talk to customers several times per week! Let us know if that’s you.

Finally, to everyone who has helped us along the way: Thank you! We promise it won’t be dull.


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