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Modernize Your Analytics

Periscope Data and Amazon Web Services combines to provide the fastest and easiest way to deliver scalable, high-performance, and secure cloud analytics.

Fuel Your Entire Landscape With Data

Periscope Data and AWS enables you to combine, store, transform, load, and analyze data across your application landscape. Bring advanced analyses to the world of BI with data from any application in your environment.

Our goal in unifying our warehouse and visualization platforms is to make sure that even as the company continues to scale 2x to 3x each year, we can still go back and answer questions and monitor performance reliably from a single source of data.”

Yoco: James Kramer
James Kramer, VP of Risk & Data, Yoco
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Periscope Data For AWS

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Make your analytics hyper efficient with Amazon Redshift, the fast, fully managed data warehouse hosted in AWS. Using Periscope Data for Redshift, you can immediately benefit from the columnar, Dense Compute nodes to accelerate your queries without any maintenance overhead. 
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Amazon Redshift Spectrum allows you to access to all of your data in Amazon S3 using Amazon Redshift SQL queries. Easily analyze all of your data within a single platform using Periscope Data for Redshift and Spectrum.
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Amazon Athena is a powerful tool that allows you to directly query data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. By using Periscope Data's native connector for Athena, immediately analyze and visualize data in S3 together with all of your other data sources.
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Leverage the power of advanced analytics and efficient data storage with Periscope Data and Amazon Relational Database Service. Deploy several database types such as Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and directly connect and analyze data within a single platform.
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Compatible with both PostgreSQL and MySQL, Amazon Aurora is a high-speed relational database built for the cloud. Using Periscope Data native connector for Amazon Aurora, immediately connect and perform advanced analytics on all of your data.
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Capture, transform, and load streaming data easily into your hosted Redshift or S3 environment. Then quickly analyze or build machine learning models to capture the value of your streaming data.

AWS At Your Fingertips

Power your analytics with high-performance, dense-compute Amazon Redshift nodes without any of the maintenance overhead. Our Amazon experts will ensure that your data warehouse will be available and maintained 24/7.

Easily control the configuration of your warehouse and scale as needed for peak performance
Cluster Performance
You have full control and visibility into your cluster's CPU and memory performance.

Complete Control & Visibility

Gain visibility into data source and table dependency for your analytics to ensure accuracy and expedite maintenance. Guarantee high query performance with full control of cluster storage and CPU utilization.

Dependency mapping in the Periscope Data warehouse
Dependency Map
The unified data pipeline gives visibility to your data sources, dependency, and scheduling.
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Data Lake & Warehouse, Together

Bring Amazon Redshift and S3 together in a single platform by using Spectrum to run queries across all of your data. Perform advanced analysis using SQL, Python, and R to uncover deep business insights.

“Once we started to make data more accessible and easier to visualize for our teams, they jumped at the chance to use it to improve our efficiency.”

Yoco: James Kramer
Ben Fisher, Co-Founder & CTO, Carthook