Periscope Data is built by a small team of hackers working out of San Francisco. We love our customers, overpriced avocado toast, and that moment when a blip in the data makes you say, "wait a minute…"

Periscope Data is proud to be part of the inaugural cohort for Project Include, a group dedicated to accelerating diversity and inclusion solutions in the tech industry.

Our Team

A warm-blooded Southern Californian with an appetite for taking things apart and putting them back together, Arthur loves to understand the customer life cycle to provide the ultimate experience. Outside of work, you can find him racing cars at the track, building computers, or playing volleyball.
After some time geeking out as a neuroscientist in NYC and a few years adventuring through the Americas on bike and in a tent, Erica landed in the heart of the SF tech scene. When she isn’t sharing best practices with customers, you can find Erica surfing, climbing and exploring the art scene.
After living in Seoul, South Korea for 3 years as an electrical technician for the Patriot Missile Air Defense System, David moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in computer software. When he is not driving significant results for customers, he can be found snowboarding in Tahoe, hiking the Marin Headlands or traveling with friends & family.
After a stint in NYC, Gina came to her senses and moved back to the California sunshine. Outside of taking care of our people and making Periscope Data the best place to work, Gina enjoys going to live concerts, Broadway shows, visiting the galleries of San Francisco's art museums, and cheering on her favorite hockey team (Go Ducks!).
Emilie washed up onto California after a long journey from Australia. She embodies Periscope’s data-obsessed culture; investigating the how’s & why’s before connecting the dots. In her freetime, she loves the outdoors, traveling & meeting new people—though recommends not combining all 3. Reading is mandatory in her books :wink:
After Tanner lived out his dream of playing college baseball, he moved back to San Francisco to dive head first into the tech industry. Tanner constantly works on trying to be 4-5 steps ahead in any situation and enjoys a cold beer at a Giants Game.
Amanda is a Bay Area native who joined Periscope Data to grow the already amazing team. When she's not searching for the best engineers, she can be found competing with her horse Elliot in the adult amateur world of eventing, eating all the carbs, or cheering on her Oakland sports teams.
Ari has all the passion and ambition of Entourage’s infamous Ari Gold but less rough around the edges. When she isn’t working you can catch her eating ice cream and peanut butter. Then at the Lyon Street steps or Barry’s Bootcamp running it off.
Lauren is Loko for tacos - constantly on the prowl for the hottest new prospects and taquerias. This Bay Area native can be found running in the marina, playing intramural sports in Golden Gate Park, and practicing her tree pose. She’s fun & tenacious, and loves being out and about… but sometimes namaste in bed!
Ryan is born and raised in the Bay Area and has been an avid Warriors, Niners, and Giants for as long as he can remember. He also has a background in Computer Science and Fine Art that has helped support a successful career in Marketing Operations.
Lifelong Yinzer from Pittsburgh (lived in Barcelona too) moved to the bay in 2015 to pursue dreams of working by a beach.. Part of a community SF ball hockey league named BASH which plays every weekend.. always up for a round of golf or traveling the world in search for the greatest whiskey.
Dedicating her spare time to philanthropies, Michelle has been a big sister with Big Brothers, Big Sisters for over 4 years, a volunteer with Lava Mae's mobile showers that roam SF, and a leader in planning Popup Care Villages for the Homeless. Pastimes include: drinking wine or tea, saving animals, and lifting a badass amount of weight.
Adam is excited to help companies unleash the power of their data. As a Monterey, CA native you can find him at the beach surfing or spearfishing in his free time.
Ari has lived in Northern California for her entire life. She started her sales career in tech and plans to stay put! She spends the majority of her free time working out, listening to music and searching for the best avocado toast across SF's many cafes.
Originally form the East Coast, Tessa moved to the Bay Area for two main reasons: the arts and the outdoors. If she’s not at the opera or symphony, chances are you’ll find her skiing or camped out on the side of a mountain.
Regardless of where he is currently living a few things will always be loved by Joey: long-boarding, dancing, and Michigan State athletics. Outside of the office you can find him either cruising down to the beach on the steep SF streets, grooving around local dance floors or glued to the TV rooting on his beloved Spartans.
Chris worked at Facebook for a number of years before making the plunge to  a smaller company.  In his spare time, he works as an HH-60G Flight Engineer in the California Air National Guard.  For fun, he enjoys video games, making and drinking coffee, playing soccer and hockey, and watching opera.
Unable to make a living playing badminton, Elaine decided to make use of her Stanford education to get a job instead. Since then, she has built many products and engineering teams at various companies. She is thrilled to join the Periscope team to help get stuff done.
Jalena is originally from the Central Valley and moved to the Bay Area 7 years ago to escape the cows! Happily in the SQL world again after learning SQL for 4 years at San Jose State University. She enjoys collecting vinyls (and clothes!), catching Giant’s games, and telling bad jokes hoping her friends and colleagues will understand them.
Bochuan is a cat lover, traveler and designer. She enjoys making delicate glass sculptures, collecting designs around the world and creating sketch books for her trips. She tries to enjoy, remember, and constantly develop values that make life interesting and meaningful for her.
Originally from California, Rocky now calls Kansas home. He joins Periscope after a decade with SuccessFactors, Box and Blackbird. Obsessions include family, classic muscle cars, Star Wars, slow pitch softball, the SF Giants, Twitter, Labradors, and weekend horticulture. As a father of 3 young children, they keep him busy and entertained.
Dharmesh is a team builder, technologist, lifelong learner, entrepreneurial, caffeine lover, and an occasional foodie. To unwind, he likes to stay outdoors, running, hiking, biking, camping, etc with friends and family. He never misses an opportunity to wear shorts.
Audrey moved to San Francisco in 2015 to escape New York's winters. On the weekends, you can find her rock climbing, volunteering at the animal shelter, or hunting down the perfect cup of coffee.
Originally from New Jersey, Ryan now calls the East Bay home. He is interested in music, psychology, and urban planning, but software engineering is his day job. He previously worked on the backend and billing system at freelance-writing startup Scripted.
Originally from snowy Toronto, and having just come from rainy Vancouver, Norman is excited to finally be in sunny San Francisco. In his spare time, he enjoys biking around town, running, hiking, and learning Japanese.
“Segar” joins Periscope Data to continue his love affair with startups, all things data, and escape the snow! He loves dreaming up creative, outside-the-box solutions for customers and mentoring aspiring Sales Engineers. When you need to find him outside the office you should probably start by calling Disneyland.
Shobhit joins Periscope Data's engineering team from a background in satellite imaging. He has a love of all things outdoors, from Winter skiing to Summer cycling and all-year-round backpacking in beautiful California.
Sonha is a recent San Diego transplant who moved to the Bay to chaseher love of tech. When she isn’t crunching numbers and driving clean financials at Periscope Data, you can find her either cuddling with her Aussie Collie, trying new restaurants to satisfy her hanger, or exploring new grounds and cultures.
Originally hailing from Chicago, Harry moved to the Bay Area to attend college at UC Berkeley and hasn’t looked back. When he’s not digging for new ways for Periscope to help other companies understand their data, you’ll find him digging for new music and records around the city.
Ben grew up in the South Bay and made his way down to L.A. to study at Occidental College. Having recently graduated, he is excited to explore all things SaaS back at home. He speaks almost fluent Spanish, loves nature hikes, and is always down for a taco truck run.
After graduating from Boston University with travels in Paris and New Zealand, Jessica returned to her Bay Area roots with her black cat Kepler in tow. She enjoys live music, hiking, and dad jokes- and is perpetually on the hunt for the best burrito in SF.
Before joining Periscope Data, Tyrus spent 7 years building pipeline, growing sales and leading teams at Box, Lever and Moovweb. He enjoys watching college basketball, playing soccer, and herding cats.
Born and raised in CA, Holly has always lived in the Golden State. Starting in San Diego, and now up in SF, Holly is excited to have made it to the land of tech. Holly's background is in art, but she loves to find the art and creativity in big data.
Gavin is a Bay Area native returning home from Arizona. In the winter you'll find him skiing up in Tahoe and in the summer he's at the golf course all weekend, unless he's lucky enough to score a pair of tickets to the Warriors game.
From Germany by way of Boston, Sam Schuster now finds himself in the Bay Area. He has a background in quantitative analytics and a passion for creative adventures in the kitchen. Sam speaks English, German, and long-ago, Mandarin.
Ohn left Chicago to find fairer skies in San Francisco, He misses Chicago favorites like Portillo's to Blackbird. His experiences with Bruce Mau, Firebelly Design and IDEO prepares him for the fast-paced cadence of Periscope Data. During his downtime, you can find him perfecting his bolognese, dumplings and deep dish.
When she's not karaoking, human jump-roping or getting fiercely competitive in an eating competition, you can find Ardy (the-one-woman-party) exploring the outdoors. Arden moved to San Francisco to escape the snow and see what this west coast tech world was all about.
Born and raised in LA, Josephine went from extracting teeth to extracting value from big data. When she's not tackling SQL, you can find her trying way too hard at local trivia nights or board games. (Think you can beat her at a game of Catan? Challenge accepted.)
Holly has lived everywhere from Boston to Berlin, and is quite happy to be back in the Bay Area. Her background in renewable energy led to her being an international relations junkie, keeping up with foreign affairs and cooking cuisine from around the world.
Julie is a SoCal transplant, ex-Googler, and self-proclaimed music playlist guru. Aside from building strong partnerships with Periscope clients, she loves playing the piano, attending concerts, and (if coerced) hopping on the ones and twos.
When not mixing it up playing Ice Hockey, he is leading the accounting operations function. His focus is on an effective accounting close and giving financial insight to the leadership team. He firmly believes California is Sharks Territory.
Courtney came to the Bay three years ago to escape the Arizona heat. Courtney enjoys cooking, petting dogs that aren't hers, skiing and will never say no to a vodka martini (extra blue cheese olives are required).
Formerly a geographer with an interest in climate change, Sean has chased the best analytics scene from San Diego to NYC to SF working in GIS, ad-tech, product and marketing. When he isn’t creating dazzling new analyses and dashboards he is planning his next snowboard trip or SCUBA adventure.
Brad is a connoisseur of whisk(e)y and coffee. He will only take his whisk(e)y neat and his coffee black. When not consuming the worlds finest beverages he's steering the Periscope Marketing engine with a mission to reach every member of every data team in the world.
Coming to the bay from his native Ohio, Kyle loves traveling the world and learning about history. Being from Cleveland, he is a die hard Cleveland Sports fan—especially greatest player of all time, Lebron James.
A NorCal native, Michael got his start in user acquisition in the tough world of agency life.  With a history of building multi-channel demand generation programs from the ground up, he is showing Periscope Data to the world.
Michael joins Periscope to help grow new business after serving in the US Air Force for 6 years flying on AC-130 Gunships. When he's not sleeping in his tent on the side of a mountain, he's usually on his front porch playing guitar and drinking cheap coffee.
Be it perfecting his ski turns, mastering the standing bow pose or reinventing his sales process, Jake doesn’t stop until things are just right. He now brings this optimizing nature to Periscope Data, as well as his striking obsession of chicken wings.
Justin loves to build: assembling 1,000+ piece Lego sets with his kids, designing the next epic homebrew (beer) recipe, and scaling SaaS sales teams. He previously spent 8 years growing teams and revenue at New Relic and Successfactors.
The only thing Jen loves more than searching for top talent is cookie dough ice cream. In addition to satisfying her sugar craving and matchmaking at work, Jen enjoys jogging, traveling, and rooting for her favorite sports teams (Go Giants!)
A life long east coaster, Abby moved West to see what the tech scene in San Francisco was really all about. She’s thrilled she no longer has to reserve easy jogs, friendly tennis rallies and outdoor adventuring for just the summer months.
When Melanie is not interviewing candidates, you can find her enjoying a glass of wine (or three) at one of SF's phenomenal restaurants or hanging out with her pup, Bodie. She also loves broadway shows, and listens to the Hamilton cast album daily!
This Orange County native spent a year in Australia before settling into her creaky victorian apartment. When not exploring the SF foodie scene, she can be found on an elliptical, beachin’ it or reading at the dog park so she can pet other people's dogs.
Swimming brought me to the Bay, tech brought me to San Francisco. Originally from the great Pacific Northwest and as an avid sports junkie who loves to be outdoors, the Golden State seemed like the best possible fit!
Ulrik moved to San Francisco in 2016 from London. He was born in Denmark and prior to Periscope he worked in sales development positions at Box and Salesforce. He loves cooking and sampling adventurous food while traveling.
Aris comes from Malaysia and was lured to the Bay Area by the exciting tech scene here. Outside of work, he enjoys playing ice hockey and making things with 3D printing and Arduino chips, his proudest work being his self-watering garden.
Ilge moved to the Bay Area in 2010 for grad school, where she built machine learning tools for robots and more. She enjoys discovering anything related to space and computers, preferably while hiking up or skiing down the hills of California.
Clay hails from Kansas but has called the Bay Area home for over a decade. He lives in Berkeley with his wife and son. He loves table tennis. He co-founded a non-profit focused on electoral reform, and wants to save the world some day.
The warm glow of Edison bulbs and black chalkboard menus call to Leon like the song of the Sirens. Leon found his love of data while analyzing pharmaceutical formularies and joins Periscope to share his passion of numbers with the world.
From cattle-ranching in Idaho to selling software in San Francisco, Tanner has covered a broad spectrum. He is an avid Skier, loves playing soccer, and will welcome any challenger to a game of ping-pong.
A Boston native and professional wanderer, Hamza found his love for data by analyzing country reports and being an obsessive quantified-selfer. When his head isn't in a book, Hamza runs marathons and is well qualified for long walks on the beach.
Rose was born and raised in sunny South Bay and moved up north to run the hilly SF streets. She previously designed and built tools at Informatica and is excited to be thrown into the world of web.
Tal grew up in Southern CA and, after some time in Seattle, moved down to the Bay Area. He previously worked on scaling Twitter's authentication service. You can challenge him to a tennis match or a game of go. He won't get too mad if he loses.
Katie spent all of 2015 traveling to 7 continents, but the sun, cuisine, and innovation brought her back home. She enjoys playing field hockey, chasing her pet chinchillas, and providing customers with a world-class sales experience.
Sangeeta is a design enthusiast at heart who strives to create simple and useful design. In a parallel world, She is an Indian classical dancer and likes to travel and consume all things related to art history.
Mark is a recovering Canadian political staffer who joined Periscope Data to help supercharge their pipeline. His interests include "crushing it", high fives, eating oysters, and self-deprecating humor.
Whether it's surrealism painting, amateur photography, traveling solo, or running errands with her "son" (pet bunny, Peanut), Deanna is drawn to anything out of the ordinary, much like Periscope's unique and powerful insights.
Alex moved from Michigan to the Bay Area in 2012 where he found the wonderful world of software sales. Despite moving across the country, his hobbies stayed the same, playing hockey three times a week and golf when the weather permits.
Charlotte grew up in the cold winters of Chicago and is thrilled to be in sunny San Francisco with Periscope Data! She graduated from the University of Michigan and loves writing SQL queries and introducing people to coding and crafts.
A Bay Area native who landed in the tech industry by chance. Lisa has a masters in GSD, is fluent in sarcasm and suffers from FOMO. When she's not tinkering with Salesforce, she's bullying boys on the soccer field or hanging with family & friends.
Lisa is everyone's go-to resource at Periscope Data and makes sure we're moving as smoothly as the product. As a California native she would never give up San Francisco, sunny beaches or ocean sunsets.
Brunches, beaches, and big data: what more do you need? Ashley moved to San Francisco for the fast paced city life and start-up culture. Aside from being at Periscope Data, you can find this dog mom going on walks in the bay with her puppy, Bay.
Rachel is excited to share Periscope Data's mission with new prospects. After growing up in San Diego and spending four years in Dallas, she's integrating well with the dynamic SF lifestyle, even if she refuses to say the word "hella."
Mike joined Periscope to bring speed to the world of data scientists and analysts. When he's not at Periscope Data, you can find him playing the beautiful game, quoting Dave Chappelle, or enjoying an IPA. Frequently doing all three at the same time.
Jon firmly believes in the power of data and is excited to help Periscope Data spread the love. Outside of work, he nerds out over languages and gets excited to practice Spanish in the 94110 (con un montón de tacos, obvio).
Nicole has a wanderlust and has visited more than 20 countries. At Periscope Data she gets to connect with companies all over the world, sharing how Periscope Data can help them easily visualize key data trends and make better strategic decisions.
Joe joined Periscope Data to build the Sales Development team. He enjoys any combination of golf, BBQ, beaches, and craft beer (preferably all of the above).
Jerry closely follows the Oregon Ducks, since he went there before it was cool (read: they were pretty bad) and that makes him feel like a trend setter. He also loves building "high scoring" hypergrowth sales teams (e.g. Box and Successfactors) and believes Periscope is next!
After surviving 4 cold winters at Cornell, Caroline hurried back to the sunshine of her native Golden State! She remains a loyal Laker fan despite the Warrior-mania, and is excited to help businesses make better decisions with Periscope Data!
An East Bay transplant, Chris joins Periscope Data to spread his love of all things data. If he isn't sharing the hottest tips for making dashboards magical, you'll find him outside droning and taking photos.
From LA to SF, Mike has always loved the West Coast. When he's not on the phone with a customer, you can find him outside either in the mountains or near the beach.
Sunny loves learning new things and sharing them with people, which is why she is now at Periscope Data! Previously, she graduated from Princeton and then worked in finance to practice reading the mind of the Federal Reserve.
Arthur is a Bay Area Native who moved back from college in Arizona to escape the heat. He comes to Periscope Data with a passion for building sales teams from the ground up and is considered a burrito connoisseur.
Andreas moved to San Francisco to chase his startup dreams with Frenvu. Following his backend work with algorithm design, he joined Periscope Data to help others find the fun side of data. He consumes anything hockey related.
Rya moved to SF lured with the promise of lots of data. She quickly fell in love with Periscope, and the rest is history. At Periscope, she turns her inquisitive mind towards product management and making Periscope the analytics tool of the future.
Originally from the Northwest, Michael is a huge Seahawks fan. He started his tech career at Hoopla Software where he sold sales gamification and engagement software. At Periscope Data he is helping to build the sales department.
After leaving Google to join Periscope Data, Jason promptly began rebuilding Periscope Data's backend services in Go. Before Google, Jason was lord of backend engineering at SF-based startup Tokbox.
Ganz joined Periscope Data from Google, where he ran dozens of A/B tests on the search results page, generating billions in new revenue. At Periscope Data he hacks on all levels of the stack.
Periscope Data was started in Tom's apartment, where he built the first version of the product in a weekend. He leads Periscope Data's engineering efforts, and holds the coveted customer-facing bugfix record. (10 minutes!)
Harry makes sure Periscope Data has money in the bank, the best team on the field, and a grand vision for empowering data scientists the world over. In his spare time he still checks in a little code, much to the annoyance of the other engineers.

Our Investors

We're backed by two of the best venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.