With Periscope Data, the connection is always on. You can paste in a query, hit run, and you will have a quick table ready to go. Plus, the data consumer will have a quick single sign-on so they know how to easily get in.
Periscope Data displays really well in a very functional kind of way, so it both looks good and the insides are very clear. Everything about you guys is really slick.
I’m going to need the data this way, that way, sideways, and inside out to figure out the business and how to react.

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Power Up Your Queries

Crafted for SQL Experts

Improve your workflow and team collaboration with SQL Snippets and Views. Store frequently used code to a common library with Snippets or reuse entire queries with Views.

Fastest Queries Around

Our data scientists and engineers are Amazon Redshift specialists with years of experience pushing the limits with our Periscope Cache.

Filters, Drilldowns, and Pivot Tables

Dig deeper and analyze charts without ever touching SQL code. Perfect for investigating a blip in the data and reducing data request volume.

Effortless Sharing

We know you don't work in a bubble. We don't either. Periscope Data gives you features like copy-paste embedding to easily share your work.