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The Periscope Unified Data Platform

Your Team. Your Data. Faster Insights.

Streamline your team or department’s analytics workflow to drive timely decisions.

“Moving all of our data to one place just made
sense — it simplifies the pipeline. Any table locating issues we had before aren’t an issue anymore with everything on the same warehouse in Periscope Data.”

André Cloete, Data Scientist

Accelerate Ad Hoc Analyses

The Periscope Data Platform provides a full end-to-end analytics solution to quickly answer your department or team's specific questions. Accelerate your analytics workflow, from data ingestion and storage, to analysis and reporting.

Periscope Data dashboard for mobile game data

IT Compliant, Not Dependent

Reduce the demand being placed on your IT teams while ensuring the security, compliance, and control of data.

Periscope Data dashboard for mobile game data
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More Time Analyzing, Less Time Waiting

No need to wait for data engineers to provide the underlying data and views. Periscope Data Infrastructure empowers data analysts to transform and join data to create their own purpose-driven views. With constant access to a complete data set, data analysts can spend more time getting deeper into the data.

Easily Blend Your Data

We securely push or pull data from any source into a single source of truth so you can discover hidden trends and insights. Through our native connectors and partners, Periscope Data Infrastructure connects to a full range of data sources quickly and easily.

Amazon Redshift
Google AdWords
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Visibility For Accurate Analytics

Gain full visibility into which data sources and tables your analytics are being derived from to ensure accuracy. Accelerate troubleshooting by quickly identifying broken tables that needs to be fixed.

Dependency Map
As a unified data pipeline, you now have end-to-end tracebility to your data sources, dependency and scheduling.
Dependency mapping in the Periscope Data warehouse

Enterprise-Grade By Default

Built on Amazon Redshift, the Periscope Data Infrastructure gives you the power of a reliable, high-performance distributed database without any of the maintenance overhead.

Built on   

Remove the tedious and expensive maintenance overhead of a modern data warehouse from your hands. Supported by our expert data engineers, completely automate the administrative tasks to manage, monitor, and scale your data warehouse.


Easily pull, push, and blend data from your existing sources, creating a single source of truth. Future-proof your data with a warehouse that is extensible to new data sources as your organization grows.


With optimizations like materialized views and optimized sort and dist keys, speed-up queries up to 150 times faster than anything else on the market.

Global Scale

Leveraging the global availability and petabyte scalability of Amazon Redshift, the Periscope Data Warehouse scales on-demand to perform in any load, whether it is multiple queries or high amounts of users.


Ensure your data warehouse will be available when you need it with 99.9% uptime. All data is automatically replicated and continuously backed up. Additionally, the health of your data warehouse is constantly monitored and failed drives and nodes are replaced as necessary.

Secure and Compliant

The Periscope Data Warehouse protects your data at-rest and in-transit using TLS and AES-256 bit encryption, and the cloud service is compliant with SOC2 and HIPAA requirements.