July 22, 2019

Top 10 Big Data Platforms Prospering with Voluminous Data

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The quantity of data generated regularly is exceptionally overwhelming. The overloaded generation makes it quintessential for techies to manage it with efficiency in order to process them well and avail the perks of great insights.

This urges for the development of Big Data platforms that can handle overloaded data and prosper in such competitive time.

Here is a list of top 10 big data platforms flourishing with a great amount of data generated on a daily basis.



Sisense is a platform which is obsessed with the success of its customers as it fuels every decision the team makes. That is why Sisense has embraced a people-first culture that encourages everyone at the company to drive change on the customer’s behalf.

The data analytics platform of Sisense swiftly processes data with the assistance of its signature In-Chip Technology. The Sisense interface enables client build, use and embed custom dashboards and analytics apps. The recent merger of Sisense with Periscope Data allows users to simultaneously groom data repositories with SQL, Python, and R.

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