July 20, 2018

SD Times News Digest: Periscope Data and AWS team up on machine learning

Christina Cardoza

Periscope Data and AWS team up on machine learning

Periscope Data announced a new private beta program this week that will leverage Amazon SageMaker to better help data scientists prepare, build and collaborate on machine learning projects.

According to the company, data scientists and analysts deal with fragmented workflows when building ML models. The new beta program is meant to solve this by providing one seamless workflow to tackle machine learning problems such as data preparation, model training and reporting.

“Building trustworthy machine learning algorithms is a huge challenge for today’s data teams, in part because of the difficulties they face with data prep and feature engineering,” said Harry Glaser, co-founder and CEO, Periscope Data. “As we continue to fulfill our mission of turning data teams into superheroes, we see this integration with Amazon SageMaker as a great way to simplify machine learning workflows for our customers and give them a faster path to valuable insights.”

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