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May 24, 2018

A peek under The Hustle’s hood

John N., VP of Growth at The Hustle

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As a tech-backed media company, The Hustle is constantly generating massive quantities of data. 

And, as The Hustle’s VP of Growth, my job is to make sense of all that data.

But trying to interpret data without the right visibility is like a mechanic trying to tune an engine without being able to pop the hood: you, uh … can’t.

That’s why I use Periscope Data. It’s my personal portal to the inner workings of our business engine.

Periscope makes our data make sense

Periscope Data’s friendly interface, paired with powerful data manipulation and visualization tools, help us make our data organized and consumable. It’s how we’re able to unlock the information living in our data -- then use that information to make confident, informed decisions -- fast.

Plus, Periscope Data’s customer support team is extremely accessible and effective. Sometimes I wish they would take (just a little) longer to answer my questions, because every interaction is so enjoyable.

At the end of the day, Periscope Data is what makes my job possible. Get a demo, you won’t regret it.

-- John N., VP of Growth at The Hustle

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