June 6, 2019

Google to Buy Business Intelligence Startup Looker for $2.6 Billion

Ed Targett

Google has agreed to buy analytics and business intelligence startup Looker for $2.6 billion, in the first major acquisition of new Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s reign.

Bay Area-based Looker was founded in 2011. The definite agreement builds on an existing partnership between the two companies, which share more than 350 joint customers, including Buzzfeed, Hearst, King, Sunrun, WPP Essence, and Yahoo!.

On close of the acquisition Looker will become part of Google Cloud.


Sisense (which merged with Periscope Data in the last month) CEO, Amir Orad said in an emailed comment: “Today’s acquisition by Google is just one example of the enormous market opportunity for data analytics to transform businesses as enterprise companies and SMBs alike want to dig deeper into data at every level. Everyone can become analytic builders but to do so they needed to end, a true hybrid-cloud, open platform to do their jobs with more flexibility and power, without being limited to working with proprietary languages locked to specific database.”

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