September 11, 2019

Examining Top Data Analytics Firms in the 2019 Forbes Cloud 100

Timothy King

The 2019 Forbes Cloud 100 recognizes the best private cloud companies in the world. Ranging from small startups to venture-backed cloud behemoths, the fourth annual listing makes mention of popular consumer-facing companies like Stripe, Mailchimp, Toast and others. As part of the selection process for the list, Forbes’ data partner, Bessemer Venture Partners, received hundreds of submissions from the top cloud startups. A panel of judges selected the providers based on four factors: estimated valuation (30%), operating metrics (20%), people & culture (15%) and market leadership (35%), which the judge panel then weighed to select, score and rank the winners.

The 2019 listing isn’t just made up of consumer technology brands, however. The popular award directory also includes a growing number of enterprise technology and software providers. The editors at Solutions Review have perused the 2019 Forbes 100 and identified these top data analytics firms as warranting extra attention. Companies are listed in the order Forbes has them ranked.


36. Sisense

Sisense makes it easy for organizations to reveal business insight from complex data in any size and from any source. The data analytics product also allows users to combine data and uncover insights in a single interface without scripting, coding or assistance from IT. Sold as a single-stack solution with a back-end for preparing and modeling data, Sisense features an expansive portfolio of analytic functionality and a front-end for dashboarding and visualization. In addition to a slew of new product capabilities, Sisense’s major play this year was its May acquisition of Periscope Data.

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