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May 15, 2018

Periscope Data’s new ‘drag-and-drop’ interface makes it easier to visualize data

Mike Wheatley

Data analytics software provider Periscope Data Inc. today updated its flagship Unified Data Platform with new visualization capabilities that make it possible for those without technical skills to navigate and make use of company data sets.

The idea is to make information more accessible to ordinary business employees who lack the ability to query data using specialist programming languages such as SQL, Python or R. To that end, Periscope Data’s product now sports a fancy “drag-and-drop” interface that allows business users to access “even the most complex data sets,” company officials said.

Using the interface, employees will be able to create a wide array of visualizations to help them understand the data they’re looking at, the company added. Users will also be able to create rich, sharable dashboards displaying those visualizations, with the confidence that all of the data is reliable and up to date.

“There’s a large gap today between the powerful insights data teams uncover and the needs of the leaders that guide the business,” said Harry Glaser, Periscope Data’s chief executive. “Business users deserve an agile approach that lets them be hands-on in the data without requiring them to waste time learning complex markup languages or waiting weeks to see results.”

The addition of these easy-to-use data visualizations also benefits company’s data experts too, Periscope Data said. The company reckons that these specialists typically spend hours of their time creating customized reports for various teams.

With the new capabilities, that’s no longer necessary, meaning they can spend more of their time on complex, advanced analysis, while maintaining control and consistency of data use, officials said.

Periscope Data said the latest version of its Unified Data Platform is available now.

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