June 12, 2019

“Above the Trend Line”

Daniel Gutierrez

Whew! We always knew the big data industry was exciting and dynamic, but this past week was something special … M&A activity galore. See below for commentaries on the Tableau and Looker acquisitions.


“It’s the right step for Google—they want to provide analytics on top of their cloud environment,” said Sisense (who merged with Periscope Data in the last month) CEO, Amir Orad. “The industry is moving towards multi-cloud data analytics, and this acquisition does not account for that. On a broader level, even the biggest tch players are snapping up data analytics companies with big price tags. The value of the data analytics market can’t be ignored, and the $2.6B acquisition of Looker clearly demonstrates the value of these companies have in the larger cloud ecosystem.”


“2019 is close to becoming a watershed moment in the analytics industry—every cloud provider is trying to have a local (and big!) data analytics offering—with Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau, along with our merger with Periscope Data, being yet another example of the enormous market opportunity for data and analytics companies,” said Sisense CEO, Amir Orad. “Data is the new oil, and data analytics is the way to drill, extract, and refine it, and we’re seeing wars for the oil now. Like Google’s acquisition last week, Salesforce’s acquisition here reduces the ability to work across various clouds, and only increases the importance of open platforms that can work in multi-cloud environments.”

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