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Periscope Data vs. Looker

Periscope Data is the fastest, most powerful, most flexible BI and analytics platform. Our high-powered data platform gives teams features to connect data sources, then run analyses, create visualizations and share insights across a company. With full control over the analytics lifecycle for data professionals and drag-and-drop functionality for non-technical users, our platform offers everyone the ability to drill into the data they need to quickly answer questions.

No need to learn a new proprietary language

With all the demands on your data team, there’s no time to delay insights while analysts learn LookML. With Periscope Data, users can directly analyze using languages they already know — SQL, Python and R — allowing customers to get their analysis up and running within an hour.

The Periscope Data editor for SQL and Python analysts

No requirement to build a data model for every analysis

Looker requires data analysts to pre-define metrics before every analysis, making Looker incompatible with fast, ad-hoc analytics discouraging a culture of experimentation. Periscope Data gives teams the flexibility to model in real time, offering the option to explore both modeled and raw data and easily answer unpredicted questions.

No vendor lock-in

Looker locks organizations into a proprietary layer that cannot be leveraged in future BI initiatives or products. This prevents organizations from adapting quickly to unexpected changes.

Periscope Data believes in the open approach, which lets data teams instantly query all their data sources using common tools on a single platform without requiring any additional steps.

End-to-end BI & analytics

Looker does not effectively support advanced analytics, requiring APIs and SDKs to build predictive models or integrate data science workflows.

Periscope Data is a full-spectrum solution that answers all your BI and advanced analytics questions.

Feature Comparison


Connects directly to database
Your data stays in your database
100% Browser-based
Easy sharing and embedding
Easy data exploration with drag-and-drop, filters, drill-downs and Excel-style calculations
Robust scheduling and alerting
Usage tracking and auditing
Security (SSO, 2FA, SOC2 type 2) and HIPAA Compliance
Customizable user-level access controls
Query data in common analyst languages (SQL, Python, and R)
Centralized data definitions, including Python and R views
Query both modeled data and unmodeled data, and join it together for ad-hoc analysis
Integrate with any Git repository including your own Git server
Data ingestion management and storing
No vendor lock-in
Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Halfway through the month, I realized our numbers were lower than expected. Using Periscope Data I was able to identify deals closed outside of my teams visibility and increase our closed revenue credit by 30%

“Service and product are excellent. Best customer support of any company I’ve ever dealt with.”

“Love the product and use it for a good portion of every day, plus it supports much of our client-facing reporting.”

“Ever since we started working with you guys — things are AWESOME! Your organization is like a game-changer.”

“I’ve worked with a variety of data visualization tools and none of them compare with the power and flexibility of Periscope!

“Love the ease of use and beautiful UI!

“Periscope Data has changed how we see our data and how we interpret our data.”

“Hey, just wanted to say — Periscope Data is really just incredible… This is a whole new world.”