How Periscope Data Works

Periscope Data queries your databases from the cloud and creates charts and dashboards for your team.

Connect Databases

Periscope Data securely queries your databases over an SSL JDBC connection. Optionally use an SSH Tunnel for extra security.

No required ETLs, no uploads, no event pings. Get full access to historical data immediately.

For more performance and cross-database joins, you can optionally enable the Periscope Database Cache, a high-performance cloud data store.

Write Queries

You'll write the same SQL you run on your databases, and have access to all the tables and views in your databases.

Periscope Data runs these SQL queries against your database or the Periscope Database Cache, and periodically refresh the results.

Business users can use pivot tables, drilldowns and custom filters for powerful analysis without needing to know SQL.

Create Charts

You can visualize any query’s results with integrated charting. Pick your favorite graph, table, map, or scatter plot, and customize to get presentable insights.

When you find a chart you like, save it to a dashboard and your team will instantly have access to your results.

Share Results

With unlimited users, you can invite your entire team and company into Periscope Data. All results are instantly and automatically shared to everyone with permission.

Schedule email reports and recipients will wake up to fresh data in their inbox.

Share secure links to interactive dashboards, or embed Periscope Data charts and dashboards directly in your website.

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