Update: “Your Data Team Should Be Your Company's Conscience” — Forbes Technology Council
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Powerful and Secure Embedded Analytics in Minutes

Quickly deliver an enhanced experience and actionable insights to your customers and partners.

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Empower data teams to pass insights to customers and internal stakeholders in an environment that lets them instantly answer their own questions.

Deliver Insights Fast

Integrate embedded charts and dashboards into your web page or product to deliver analytics to customers and partners within minutes.


Set expiration dates and apply filter sets to limit access to only the data they are supposed to see. Periscope’s Embed API also includes encryption to prevent end users from altering these settings.

Embed Into Everyday Applications

Deliver actionable analytics into the everyday applications your business uses.

Embedding in Sharepoint
Embedding in Jira
Embedding in Salesforce

Tailored for Your Business

Seamlessly integrate your dashboards and charts with white-labeling and custom color themes to create a look and feel that promotes your brand experience.


White-labeled dashboards let you publish analytics that look and feel native, giving you the professional feel you need to promote your business.

Keep a Native Look with Color Themes

Color themes give you an easy way to keep your reports and brand consistent. Make every dashboard look like an integrated part of your company's experience.

Emails and Alerts Keep Your Customers Up-To-Date

Keep your users in the loop with alerts and scheduled delivery. Automatically trigger email alerts or schedule dashboard delivery right to their inbox.

“All these metrics are super relevant and important to our customers, and they can get them at a glance now within our product, without needing to keep track of multiple links to click. It’s all in one spot, united and integrated.”

Angela Virtu
Angela Virtu, Data Scientist
Full Measure Education

“Having public, open data is a priority for us while doing so in a safe and responsible way to ensure our texters’ privacy ... we have significantly greater flexibility with the embeds – it has made our CrisisTrends.org site much more dynamic.”

Scotty Huhn
Scotty Huhn, Data Scientist
Crisis Text Line