Update: “Your Data Team Should Be Your Company's Conscience” — Forbes Technology Council
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Data And User Management

Easily roll out, manage and maintain your Periscope Data site to effectively support your business’ data needs.


Boost performance using Query Management to quickly diagnose and resolve issues. Optimize queries and better support end-user access with Usage Data.

Leverage Dashboard Refresh Management to ensure the most up-to-date data is available to end users, while cutting down on the number of unnecessary queries being generated. Further accelerate query performance and create a single source of truth for your organization with Data Engine

The Periscope Data editor for SQL and Python analysts


Automate and provision permissions for your users based on their business needs through Periscope Data’s User Management API and RBAC (Role-Based Access Controls).

Create multiple Spaces within a Periscope site to ensure different teams, departments and customers have access to their relevant data.


Keep dashboards organized with Topics to allow all users to quickly discover relevant, accurate content to make data-driven decisions.

Ensure users are working with the most accurate data by visually identifying approved content with Badges.

Complete Control

Periscope Data offers a sophisticated version control system, release management workflows and file-level access to user-generated content, giving data experts complete control over the analytics environment.

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