Faster Data Analysis
Answer more questions, discover more insights,
and solve more data mysteries every day.
Faster Workflow
Write Queries Faster
SQL experts can fly through pages of SQL with a powerful editor and tools for building up layers of curated, correct analysis.
Business users can use simple drilldowns, pivot tables, and point-and-click interfaces to generate queries without knowing SQL.
Create Charts Faster
An integrated workflow makes it easy to immediately graph any query without hopping through multiple screens or tools.
Take your pick of graphs, tables, scatter plots and maps. With extensive customization options you'll be able to get the small details just right for polished, presentable insights.
Share Results Faster
With a platform built for an entire business’s analysis, you'll share your results with the whole team as soon as you hit save.
Create scheduled email reports and never send another manual update again.
Share fresh reports, and don’t spend any time on data refreshes for third parties.
State Of The Art Hardware
The Periscope Cache is backed by top-shelf Redshift clusters with compute-optimized nodes. Query billions of rows in seconds.
Easy Materialized Views
Save the results of expensive subqueries with Periscope's materialized views. Reduce query runtimes from minutes to seconds.
Query Load Optimization
We optimize business query load so critical data is always fresh, and your interactive analysis queries run immediately.
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