Data Summit Santa Monica

Whether you’re a Periscope Data by Sisense customer or just someone interested in finding new ways to drive their business forward, Data Summit Santa Monica is perfect for you. The event is an opportunity to see our industry-leading data platform in action, learn more about our roadmap for the future and help plan your company’s journey to more advanced data processes.

Wednesday, June 19th
The Victorian
2640 Main St. Santa Monica, CA

After our recent merger with Sisense, our data platform is as strong as it’s ever been. This event will showcase our combined technology and discuss the future of data. Join us for:

  • A guided tour of our product, highlighting a range of features for data scientists and BI users
  • A look into the roadmaps of Periscope Data and Sisense, including features for every user on every team
  • ZipRecruiter will share how their strategic analytics team enables the company to use data to improve decision making
  • A simple analysis of how mature your company’s data processes are and some easy steps to advance to the next stage
  • A chance to network with brilliant data minds across a range of industries and speak directly to the people who build today’s fastest, most powerful, most flexible data analytics platform

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Featured Speakers

Sylvie Woolf

VP, Customer
Success & Solutions
Periscope Data

Scott Castle

VP, Product
Periscope Data

Ryan Segar

VP, Sales Engineering &
Professional Services
Periscope Data

Maggie Li

Head of Business Ops
& Analytics

Jen Ringel

VP, Product Management

Alexander Copulsky

Director, Business Ops
& Analytics

June 19


9am - 12pm

Morning session: Customer User Group

  • Tips and Tricks for data visualization
  • Product Roadmap (Periscope Data + Sisense)

12pm - 1pm


1pm - 3:30pm

Afternoon Session: Customers + Prospective Customers

Data Maturity Model

  • Making the leap from raw data to insights to tactical business decisions that create value

ZipRecruiter Panel

  • ZipRecruiter will share how their strategic data team works closely with business stakeholders to provide high growth insights

3:30pm - 5pm

Networking Reception

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