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Automatically cache your data with Periscope Data
to get 150X faster queries, cross-DB joins and more.

Run Queries 150X Faster
Periscope Data uses large, multi-tenant Amazon Redshift clusters to achieve performance that's been benchmarked at 150X faster than typical databases. Periscope automatically optimizes and rebalances clusters for peak performance.
Cross-Database Joins
Write queries that join data from all your databases at once. Periscope Data keeps data from all your databases in sync in a single cluster, so cross-database joins work out of the box.
Materialized Views
Use Periscope Data's Views to model data, pre-aggregate large datasets, or offload expensive computation. Views are materialized hourly, making them fast to select out of.
CSV Upload
Upload CSVs directly into the cache, and write SQL that selects out of them and joins them to all your other data.
Queries Translated To Run Anywhere
Reuse all your existing queries on the cache. Queries are translated at query time from your database's dialect to run on Amazon Redshift, and popular functions have been ported.
Automatically Up-To-Date Data
The data cache polls your database for changes and automatically loads in new data. Cached tables are typically up-to-date within 15 minutes.
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