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Putting Data to Use at theScore


Putting Data to Use at theScore

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theScore is one of the most popular sports apps in North America, with millions of users using it to get real-time stats, scores and breaking news alerts from their favorite teams in 40+ leagues.

Data is at the core of everything theScore does – but until recently, not everyone in the company had access to data, or it was too slow to access. The analytics team knew they needed something to help put data in everyone's hands.

"The company really wanted to be more data-driven. They were hungry for so much more, and the tools we had weren't enough," said Andrew Konrad, Director of Analytics & AdTech at theScore. "That's where Periscope Data came in. We were able to accomplish that very quickly." 

Konrad says his team had looked at other analytics systems before like Tableau, but found it'd take a while to set up and was far too expensive. That wouldn't work for theScore, a fast-moving company that was impatient and wanted to get answers quickly.

"We run a hypothesis-driven product culture here – what that means is we think very deeply about what the customer wants, and develop a strong hypothesis around it," said Riaz Lalani, VP of Product at theScore. "Most of our use of Periscope Data is to ask specific questions, to help model out specific outcomes. By doing so, we can easily validate whether we're going down the right path with any new innovation or feature we deliver." 

In the last nine months, with Periscope Data on board, theScore has developed a much greater focus on experimentation, says Samuel Kim, Product Manager, Growth at theScore.

"With Periscope Data, our whole team is digging deeper into their data to draw out insights about where they can improve and grow," said Kim. "The data has always existed, but now there's this company commitment to using it to really drive insights and acting against it."

Konrad's analytics team has taken the analysis one step further – they built a machine-learning algorithm to predict how their campaigns will do. They fed all of the data from that algorithm through Periscope Data so the team would have nice charts to understand how many users they'd expect from each campaign and how much it would cost them.

"To do that, we would take all this data from all these different places, we'd give them a score and an LTV so they can make very quick decisions on it," said Konrad. "And the only place to put all of this, and have it feed into this one place where everybody can look at it, was Periscope Data."

"Just knowing that we have that data accessible every single day, that's going to help the company grow," said Darren Kritzer, Managing Editor at theScore. "It will help content grow and get better. For anything you are curious about, Periscope Data is there to help."