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Powerful Analytics for Non-Technical Users


Powerful Analytics for Non-Technical Users

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Looking for a relaxing vacation? Oasis is here to help. Its “Home Meets Hotel” model is giving travelers the experience of a home stay in 20 cities across Latin America, Europe and the U.S., but with hotel-like amenities. Local sidekicks, housekeeping and other perks make comfort a central part of the Oasis experience that other accommodations can’t match.   

At its core, Oasis is a hospitality company – its employees are focused on treating their guests, not integrating new technology. That’s one of the main reasons they turned to Periscope Data to drive their analytics process: getting a powerful data science platform along with a professional services offering was the perfect combination to get Oasis up and running quickly.  

“Bringing in service experts from Periscope Data with such an intimate knowledge of the product has been the best decision for us because they got us up and running so quickly. Doing it this way really has saved us a lot of time, energy and money.”
Hiram Vazquez, Product Manager, Oasis

No Learning Curve

Earlier this year, Oasis entered a partnership with Hyatt, one of the leading hotel enterprises in the world, to allow guests who stay at Oasis properties the opportunity to earn or redeem World of Hyatt points. The partnership has given them exposure to new audiences and generated a lot of additional data points for Oasis, on top of the information it already tracked across its 2,000+ properties worldwide. That led the team to shift its data management focus to better accommodate its growth.

“Before I joined Oasis, we had a proprietary system that managed all our property management tasks – including analytics and reporting – but it wasn’t as feature-rich as Periscope Data” said Hiram Vazquez, product manager at Oasis. “Ultimately, we moved from developing technology in-house to leveraging best-in-class SaaS solutions like Periscope Data.”

Vazquez was charged with expanding the use cases for data analysis company-wide, and making the most of the insights they collected via Periscope Data. But without the necessary technical resources in house, Vazquez used the Professional Services offering to complete all the required setup and ramp his team up quickly.  

“We have a development team in-house, but that team didn’t have the bandwidth to set up our dashboards and complete the technical integration work,” said Vazquez. “It’s a really effective package to just bundle the product and service together. It made sense to bring someone in from Periscope Data that knows the ins and outs of the product to set us up and get us running quickly.”

Business-Wide Impact

Among the most frequent use cases for Periscope Data at Oasis is to provide daily and weekly reporting numbers to the most important business stakeholders in the company. Periscope’s professional services team set up views for much of the C-Suite to breakdown how they are performing in each region and city.

“Most of our end users, from our executives to our guest experience team, are non-technical. They are not expected to learn SQL to make sense of the data being generated by our systems,” said Vazquez. “But they still use Periscope Data on a daily basis to gain insights.”

The intuitive interface of Periscope Data fits perfectly for the technical sophistication of Vazquez and his team. He has built some SQL queries and made tweaks to dashboards created by the Periscope team, but he’s not a developer with extensive experience in writing Python or other complex analytics code.

“It’s very easy for me to create visualizations and really quickly see what you’re changing. We’re easily creating pivot tables, filters and shared dashboards that make it easy for non-technical end users to slice that data and gain insights from it,” said Vazquez.

Oasis has also set up alerts for its guest experience team members around the world, so they’ll be notified whenever a VIP customer is scheduled to arrive at a property in the next 10 days. With more than 40 different alerts across 20 cities, Oasis is among the most active users of alerts on the entire Periscope Data platform.   

“If we have a VIP coming, we want to know that and provide excellent service, and we want to track that for our sales team as well,” said Vazquez. “The team will get an alert to make sure they’re aware and everything goes smoothly. That all happens within Periscope Data.”   

Recently, Vazquez facilitated an audit of all Oasis properties, to make decisions about which problematic properties should be removed. The only common source of truth for data, and consequently the easiest way to track upcoming reservations at each of those properties, was Periscope Data.

“I was able to pull that information within five minutes through Periscope. Searching through thousands of properties in another platform would have been a nightmare, but because of Periscope Data we didn’t have to do that,” said Vazquez.

Services Save Time & Money

The professional services team started by setting up integrations between Oasis’s property management system and Periscope Data via third-party ETL partner Matillion. Their work also included building initial dashboards and visualizations for the Oasis team to explore on and offering ongoing availability to answer any day-to-day questions.

“The services team at Periscope Data has been super helpful. They’re available on our company Slack, so we can approach them with everything from making tweaks to our current dashboards or helping us plug in new data,” said Vazquez. “The Professional services team fields every question that gets thrown to them and always have a great attitude towards work and helping our company in general.”

The overall business impact has been an immense cost and time savings for Oasis – its Periscope Data workflow is so straightforward that it has eliminated the learning curve for new hires to interact with data. Within a matter of days, Vazquez says new hires now have stronger visibility into data than they ever could have before, allowing them to make much smarter decisions right away without leveraging any in-house technical resources.  

“Bringing in service experts with such an intimate knowledge of the product has been the best decision for us because they got us up and running so quickly,” said Vazquez. “We might eventually bring on an in-house SQL expert, but we’d have to interview a bunch of candidates to find a talented person to get us as far as we’ve come with Periscope Data. Doing it this way really has saved us a lot of time, energy and money.”