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Felix Gray

Democratizing Data Company-Wide

Felix Gray

Democratizing Data Company-Wide

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Democratizing Data Company-Wide

Across the company, Periscope Data is making an impact every day by helping each team make data-informed decisions in real-time. The operations team uses daily email reports from Periscope to share visualizations externally with its optical labs, return centers and quality control team, so everyone has regular access to data on how many frames have been sold without constantly needing to ask Fanisalek to pull new reports.  

“Periscope has just provided a view into all of our data that makes it easier for each team to get that information without having to come back and ask me,” said Fanisalek. “I don’t have to invest my time and resources building dashboards or new software to do what Periscope Data does in a few queries and clicks.”

Felix Gray’s customer service team has built a number of daily reports that highlight service issues and track shipments, while the marketing team uses Periscope to better manage direct-to-mail campaigns, by drilling down on very specific parameters to create lists of which people should receive which mailing.

Meanwhile, the company’s founders and other executives are constantly keeping an eye on the dashboards to ensure everything is up-to-date and the business continues operating smoothly. As Felix Gray prepared for its most recent funding round, Fanisalek says Periscope Data played a key role as investors did their due diligence on the company.   

“Investors want really detailed, comprehensive reports, and Periscope Data just made it a lot simpler, where we can put all those together and show an investor a dashboard with actual, live data connected to our database,” said Fanisalek. “It’s much more trustworthy when people can see data that’s coming in directly, instead of Excel sheets – Periscope really added an additional layer of validation for us.”  

Fueling Business Growth

The real-time reporting of data from Periscope Data is enhanced by several key features that help facilitate better data access across the Felix Gray team. The Periscope Data cache reduces load times significantly from Felix Gray’s replica database, and the single-sign on functionality reduces barriers to users getting started with data analysis. Most of all, the 5-second response time via chat makes it easy to connect directly with Periscope Data’s customer support team.

“Asking questions to the Periscope team and having someone answer you immediately is very, very helpful. It feels like having dedicated support, all the time,” said Fanisalek. “The sales team was really helpful in getting us through that initial hump of working in Periscope, and then our experience with our account managers and everyone else has been great – it’s just a friendly group of people to work with.”  

Looking ahead, Felix Gray’s team expects to continue its growth and double down its focus on becoming more data-driven. Fanisalek are planning deeper integrations with Periscope Data and AWS Redshift to integrate all of the company’s data sources to further establish a single source of truth for data at the company.  

Today, Fanisalek’s team includes just one other developer and a data analyst, but several more hires are on the way. They have a new financial planning analyst on the way to dig deeper on their cash flow data, while a new marketing hire is expected to expand growth marketing efforts. These new team members will use Periscope Data to answer not just questions about their business today, but look ahead to project how the trajectory of the business will change over time.

“In order to continually grow our revenues, we need to have the right data analysis process in place to understand the future of our business,” said Fanisalek. “Digging in more with Periscope Data will help us start creating goals for ordering new frames and products based on historical data and really drive the future success of the business.”