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Felix Gray

Insights on Eyesight

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New York-based Felix Gray is an eyewear company that creates intelligent and fashionable glasses designed for tech users who stare at computer screens all day. Its handcrafted glasses are engineered to filter the most harmful wavelengths of high energy light emitted from screens, helping users reduce eyestrain, headaches and blurry vision.    

Industry: Fashion

Customer Since: 2017

  • Problem: As the company scaled up to meet the high demand for its glasses, they needed to quickly identify and implement a BI system that would serve as a single source of truth for data at the company, to bring order to its customized data workflow.
  • Action: Felix Gray identified Periscope Data as a simple solution that fit with their technical team’s knowledge of SQL and could quickly onboard to provide them with a way to aggregate disparate data sources from their database.  
  • Solution: Today, Periscope Data provides a valuable window into data for each team at Felix Gray, including customer service, marketing, operations and finance, as well as for the C-suite to share data with investors.

Houtan Fanisalek joined Felix Gray as its CTO in 2016, taking on responsibility for technical projects and data analysis for the company. As reporting tasks, financial requirements and requests for data started to pile up for the young startup, Fanisalek knew that Excel could no longer handle their data needs and began to evaluate analytics platforms.

“Our biggest data problem was just establishing one true data source for the organization,” said Fanisalek. “The tech infrastructure we’ve built here is very customized, so to create a bunch of different dashboards across the business was going to be a lot of trouble, especially with our fairly small tech team to support them. That’s why we rely on Periscope Data to directly talk to our database and tap into all the data sources to create those reports for us.”

In the evaluation process, Fanisalek and his team prioritized simplicity to get up and running. They needed a platform to quickly get reports out so they wouldn’t go even another week flying blind without accurate reporting on operations and customer service data. Fanisalek and other developers on the team were already familiar with SQL and working in it regularly, so Periscope Data’s intuitive SQL-based interface provided a fast learning curve.   

“Periscope Data was the quickest solution to implement because we didn’t have to learn any new languages or build models out ahead of time like with Looker,” said Fanisalek. “Our team was very developer-based at the time, so it wasn’t very efficient for us to go and learn a new language – it’s a lot easier to just do queries rather than create models if you’re just focused on views. We really just wanted to start with basic SQL queries to accurately get our operations data out of the database and visualize it, and Periscope Data fit perfectly for that.”

Another priority for Felix Gray was value – Fanisalek says Looker and other competitors provided higher price points than Periscope Data, and the additional cost of investing dedicated staff to create reports in a proprietary language added to the potential expense. Periscope Data also stood out because its onboarding process was extremely smooth, allowing the Felix Gray to make the transition quickly.

“I did not have great sales team experiences with some of the competitors. With Periscope Data, the onboarding process was very straightforward,” said Fanisalek. “Everything was quick to set up, we didn’t have any issues, and someone from the Periscope team had already set up a few reports for us with our own data, so we already saw everything we needed to see right off the bat. The simplicity of that process plus the value we’d get from Periscope Data just made it a very easy decision.”

“Our team was very developer-based at the time, so it wasn’t very efficient for us to go and learn a new language... We really just wanted to start with a couple basic queries to accurately get our operations data out of the database and visualize it, and Periscope Data fit perfectly for that.”
Houtan Fanisalek, CTO, Felix Gray


Learn more about how Felix Gray uses Periscope Data across marketing, operations, finance and customer service teams, as well as with their C-Suite: 

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