CueMath enlists the help of Periscope Data to help them meet the needs of their rapidly growing business.




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CueMath contacted Periscope Data to help lay the foundation for how they capture, analyze, and report analytics across their growing company.

The Data Needs of a Young Startup

CueMath is an online education service based in India designed to help children appreciate learning mathematics beyond standardized testings in schools. CueMath sponsors over 6,000 customers across India.

A highly scalable company needs a highly scalable analytics tool

CueMath’s success is a result of their business model. They created an after school tutoring network composed of thousands of testing centers spread across India. As a growing company one of its main challenges was creating an analytics division catered to the needs of both SQL and non-SQL business users. “We are a small team serving a lot of people, so developing visualizations for every department would be pretty tough. With Periscope Data, I’m able to show every person in the company data relevant to their department. There is no limit to the users we can add to share wherever,” says Rahul Madhavan, Head of Analytics at CueMath.

Non-data scientists can easily understand and use dashboard  designs by my company’s data scientists. No other tool I have used does that.
Rahul Madhavan
Head of Analytics at CueMath

Analytics from the ground up

CueMath’s rapid growth necessitated new analytics tools to better understand the basic performance metrics of the business across all departments. Rahul was tasked with the recommendation and implementation of the best analytics platform available that met their needs. “When my CEO originally asked ‘when will you have all this ready’, I described to him the time-consuming setup decisions I needed to make on architecture with most solutions.” He adds, “Then I find Periscope Data and it takes 2-3 days to get onboard. We built our first dashboards and were impressed that they came out in no time. Our initial impression was… oh yeah, this thing will work for me.”

Ultimately, Periscope Data was a huge time saver. “What should have taken me 3+ months, I was up and running within a couple of days.”

Working with Periscope Data within CueMath

Working with Periscope Data was a “huge success” for CueMath when it was rolled out to nearly every department. Rahul continues, “Data drives the entire business, with operations, marketing, and customer support all feeding into the analytics department. We use Periscope Data to create different dashboards for our marketing, city-based, and sales teams. We even have dashboards catered to management, our CEO, and Venture Capitalists.”

The way I look at it every person should look at data relevant to them. With Periscope Data, everything is super quick.

Nearly every department quickly looked to Periscope Data to meet their analytics needs. For example, Rahul continued, “In insides sales, we use Periscope Data as a motivational tool. We set up our inside sales data to be near real-time—with a delay around 10 minutes. In our office, we have large screens with sales targets on display so people can see if they’ve met their goals.”

A solid analytics platform to stand on…and share

CueMath found Periscope Data to be the best option for creating and sharing insights throughout their company. The ease of setup allowed Rahul and his team to focus on making the best use of their data rather than tediously managing their database. Periscope Data helped define how CueMath runs its business in a critical growth phase when they needed the best solution for the job.