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Industry Case Studies

Periscope Data helps companies do more with their data and make better informed decisions.


Explore, Analyze and Act on Data With a Single Source of Truth

The product team needed a better way to identify and act on customer insights. Existing solutions prevented them from moving fast — data wasn’t aggregated or easily visualized, and it was time-consuming to submit requests through engineering. With Periscope Data, the customer now has a single source of truth to drive business decisions and can be more agile.

  • The customer's product team needed to perform complex analyses to reveal customer insights.
  • Their current analytics solution was not agile enough to accommodate both data exploration and visualization.
  • Without ETLs, the company lacked a single source of truth.
  • They couldn’t move fast enough with their current analytics solution which required engineering’s involvement.
  • They also couldn’t create visualizations directly from SQL.
  • With Periscope Data, the customer can view important metrics all in one place to quickly explore, analyze and visualize data
  • SQL Snippets and SQL Views enable teams to move faster while also enforcing a single source of truth across the company.
  • Interactive metrics and KPI dashboards are displayed on TV monitors in meetings for decision making.

3.3 hours

Average time per day spent using Periscope Data

“Great product…exactly what I’d recommend for startups like us.”

Data Science & Analytics Lead
Innovative Education Technology Company
Financial Services

Provide Teams With Access to Data to Make Decisions Across the Business

The analytics team needed a way to ensure that everyone has access to key KPI data to make business decisions. Periscope Data not only helps them democratize data, but also be more efficient and accurate in their ad hoc analysis.

  • Their previous solution had a by‑user pricing model which limited the number of users with access to data.
  • Some teams, such as investment and wealth management, did not have room for reporting error.
  • The business needed to know when something went wrong in order to make appropriate adjustments on time.
  • The analytics team was charged with ad hoc analysis for the entire company and needed a solution to help them be more efficient.
  • Periscope Data enables the analytics team to give access to any users who need to view dashboards.
  • Teams rely on Periscope Data for the correct and always-up-to-date data when doing critical analyses and setting alerts.
  • Our short time-to-chart helps the analytics team to become much more efficient in their daily ad hoc analysis.

15 hours

Daily view time on KPI dashboard

“When there can be no margin for error in the data reported, we look to Periscope Data.”

Data Science & Analytics Lead
Leading Multimedia Financial Services Company

Improve Government Functions With Real‑Time Access to Data

With real-time access to data — from the number of business licenses issued to the percentage of locally procured resources — city departments now have a better way to evaluate and improve their efficiency. The city has successfully fostered a data-driven culture based around a single source of truth.

  • The customer didn’t have a unified way to understand productivity.
  • Data was disparate, definitions inconsistent, and access restricted.
  • Initially, they were drowned in “so many numbers that they were actually measuring nothing.”
  • The customer wanted to measure all types of data but they quickly realized this solution didn’t promote real-time insights and action.
  • Periscope Data immediately eliminated many of their former roadblocks. They could connect directly to their data sources,and make recommendations based on numbers versus “soft reporting.”
  • Investment decisions are then driven from insights learned in Periscope Data and with a single click are published to everyone — citizens included.


increase in local spending for the city within a year of benchmarking in Periscope Data

“Periscope Data gives the mayor superpowers to sell to other leaders in the city based on results!

Chief Information Officer
City in Large Metropolitan Area
Marketing Services

Provide Valuable and Actionable
Insights to Clients

With Periscope Data, the data and client strategist teams can quickly create charts, and query across multiple databases for more complex comparisons and aggregations. Client-facing teams are able to slice and dice data in meaningful way, before sharing real insights directly with clients within their own portal via Periscope Data's embedding functionality.

  • Prior to Periscope Data, data visualization and analysis was manual and inflexible.
  • If client-facing teams wanted to tweak chart parameters, they would have to alter the CSV and re-upload every time.
  • Client strategists received a series of separate charts which required a lot of effort to extract conclusion.
  • The process of emailing analyses for each client was inefficient.
  • Periscope Data has allowed the customer to successfully measure the ROI generated from digital strategies they drive for their clients.
  • Client strategists rely on embedded dashboards to share all relevant data in one place.
  • Using the Periscope Data Cache, the data team can query across multiple databases, to better understand their client’s position against industry benchmarks.


The increase in development speeds because of Periscope Data’s Cache and platform

“Seeing all the relevant information at a glance in one dashboard lets us maximize the ROI generated for our clients.”

Data Science & Analytics Lead
Marketing Research Firm
Music Industry

Drive Business Decisions and
Improve User Engagement

With Periscope Data, multiple departments are now empowered to discover and act on information. Growth and marketing can craft data‑driven user engagement plans, product can perform ad hoc analysis, and executives now have interactive insights at their fingertips.

  • The customer had existing solutions to capture and store data, but no way to quickly visualize.
  • New initiatives were picking up steam, but the brand had no central data platform to understand and measure engagement.
  • The data science team needed to perform advanced analytics to determine which activities would continue driving engagement, and ultimately, sales.
  • Periscope Data immediately became the de facto UI for data visualization and analysis.
  • Growth and marketing teams now review user journey data in one place, and quickly determine the engagement methods most effective for lifetime usage and sustained growth.
  • While Periscope Data enables the data science team to run more complex analyses, visualizations are more intuitive and impactful than ever.
  • Executives are empowered via embedded and TV dashboards.

119 hours

Per day spent viewing dashboards

“Periscope Data powers our business. Our executives look at our numbers in real time and make decisions about where to go.”

Data Science & Analytics Lead
World Famous Musical Instruments Manufacturer

Improve User Engagement and
Resource Allocation

Periscope Data empowers product managers to answer their own ad hoc analysis through dashboards that are flexible, dynamic, and intuitive while minimizing bottlenecks and workload on the engineering team.

  • The data request process was long and cumbersome. Product managers had to submit requests to the engineering team whenever they needed data to make business decisions.
  • Many team members would make the same request, creating further bottlenecks.
  • Some of their requests received push back due to low bandwidth and other priorities.
  • Periscope Data was quick and easy to connect and reduced the burden on engineering resources, while empowering Executives to answer their own ad hoc analysis.
  • Weekly exec meetings review key insights learned in Periscope Data, and allow the team to move faster.
  • The team can see which of their products are used most to improve monetization

“The speed and ease at which we were able to obtain data is what makes Periscope Data so valuable to us.”

Product Manager

“Periscope Data is one of the sources we are using to show business metrics and analytics data in a weekly meetings…and we are already seeing value.”

Data Science & Analytics Lead
Top Software Company

Track Customer Health and
Identify Upsell Opportunities

With Periscope Data’s dashboards tracking in-product customer usage, sales and customer success can quickly assess new up-sell opportunities and potential churn risks.

  • Customer wanted to help its teams — from sales to customer success to product to marketing — operate more efficiently.
  • Sales and CS teams needed to easily identify which accounts were healthy and ripe for upsell
  • Product needed to connect feature improvements with customer usage.
  • Leadership needed an accurate at-a-glance view to understand the health of the business.
  • Using dashboards to analyze customer usage, sales and CSM can prioritize outreach based on likelihood of closing and realize more upsell opportunities.
  • CSMs can filter dashboards by customer accounts to see video engagement (e.g., minutes of view time) and share successes.
  • Leadership relies on dashboards to populate board slides and drive strategic decision‑making.

100 hours

Total view-time of Executive dashboard

“Being able to create KPIs with customers, track them easily in Periscope, and report back on success has really helped us move from a pilot to a fully paid license for some of our largest companies.”

Head of Growth and Business Intelligence
Disruptive Logistics & Technology Company