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A Letter from the CEO - Announcing the Unified Data Platform

I'm writing today to announce an exciting new chapter in Periscope Data's life.

Tom O'Neill and I started Periscope Data five years ago because we saw an urgent need from data analysts for lightning-fast investigative analytics. We're proud and humbled by the response the product has gotten: Each week data analysts at over 900 companies spend an average of 20 hours in Periscope Data, and together they run over 5 billion queries each year.

As we spent time with these teams, we learned a lot about the broader challenges they face. Enterprises are increasingly bringing data teams together under one roof, and challenging them to provide instant insight to the entire company based an exponentially increasing amount of data. It's a worthy and inspiring challenge for data teams, but also a large and complex one.

That's why we're excited to announce our vision for the Unified Data Platform. It's a single platform for data teams to ingest, store, analyze, visualize and report on data from all their sources. Unifying the platform has lots of benefits, from dependency maps to unified alerts. But the most exciting benefit is providing a shared place where data teams can collaborate on their work. Our hope is to make data teams more collaborative, and ultimately more productive.

The next step in our vision for a Unified Data Platform is the Periscope Data Warehouse, a fully managed data warehouse, backed by Amazon Redshift, that lets you integrate data from anywhere, and build sources of truth and transformative analyses, all on a single platform. And it's available today.

If you'd like to learn more, we're hosting a webinar on Wednesday,  November 15th at 9am -  register now to see new Unified Data Platform in action.

We could not have gotten this far without our helpful and passionate users -- and it's only the beginning of the journey! Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Harry Glaser
Co-founder and CEO


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Harry Glaser
Harry makes sure Periscope Data has money in the bank, the best team on the field, and a grand vision for empowering data scientists the world over. In his spare time he still checks in a little code, much to the annoyance of the other engineers.