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Taking a Data-Based Approach to Customer Health

Customer success has always been a combination of art and science, requiring empathy and a passion for driving the most effective customer outcomes. The best CSMs combine both into an ability to accurately proscribe actions that drive to their desired conclusions. In today’s data collection environment, customer-centric pioneers like BlueJeans are finding new ways to turn customer information into actionable insights that drive overall retention and expansion.

Periscope Data recently hosted BlueJeans for a Driving Customer Success with Analytics webinar to discuss their method of measuring customer health and how they utilize data to be a consultative, trusted advisor for customers. Their journey started with a simple need to collect disparate sources of data to show the entire team of CSMs a centralized view of customer activity. From that single source of truth, the team began embedding Periscope Data information into Salesforce to ensure a single source of truth around each customer's plan.

What started as a quick data collection fix turned into a permanent solution. BlueJeans CSMs began using Periscope to simplify a complicated renewal process. What had once been a network of different products expiring on asynchronous timelines became one integrated view into a customer’s account with a playbook in place to navigate renewals six months before expiration. This unified view turned renewals into non-events, giving the team more energy to focus on measuring and improving partnership value.

The BlueJeans customer team used Periscope Data to build their own customer health metric, which combines NPS, MAU and more into a single dashboard. From that dashboard in Periscope, each CSM can see an overview of all of their accounts without leaving the Salesforce environment they already use. They can even dig deeper into any of the individual metrics by simple double clicking. This allows them to see if there are any spikes or trends that are impacting customer health and take immediate action to respond if necessary.

This investigative ability gives the BlueJeans CSMs the power to move beyond simply knowing whether a customer is healthy or not into diagnosing the bigger question — why. Now the success team can go directly to that dashboard, locate customers with low or dropping health scores and dive directly into the factors that are influencing that score. They can even create custom playbooks for each of their scenarios to help reverse declining health as quickly as possible.

BlueJeans has found that Periscope Data has been such a powerful analysis tool that they’re answering questions they didn’t even know they could ask; the appetite for more data has even led to the search for a full-time data scientist. Daily snapshots from Periscope have opened up new data-based inquiries that give team members the ability to ask questions about health indicators and receive answers quicker than ever.

With a high-powered customer success dashboard, the BlueJeans team is moving their customer success approach away from a transactional relationship toward a partnership. For example, when they begin receiving low quality scores from multiple accounts in the same geography, they can identify the trend and take action to improve service in that area. Proactive service instances like that stand out to customers as proof of a good investment.

Periscope Data has allowed BlueJeans to better monitor customer health and make adjustments faster than ever to increase retention and even expansion. To learn more about their story, watch the full BlueJeans: Driving Customer Success with Analytics webinar.


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Erica Pearson
Erica is a Customer Success Manager at Periscope Data. When she isn’t sharing best practices with customers, you can find her surfing, climbing and exploring the art scene.