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June Product Updates: More Database Support, Management Options, and More

It’s been a busy month at Periscope HQ! Our teams have been hard at work shipping updates that will give users more ways to query and analyze data and new opportunities to manage their Periscope Data instance.

More Management Features

Many of our larger customers are looking for ways to optimize resource usage and query speed and manage user access. Two of our latest product add-ons will help Periscope users achieve all that and more.

Dashboard Refresh Management lets users schedule when dashboards refresh, ensuring that the data users need most is kept up to date and offering more control over database resources. Check out our recent blog post to see what else you’ll be able to do with Dashboard Refresh Management.

Usage Data offers better insight into how users are interacting with your Periscope Data instance, so you can optimize queries, clean up and organize dashboards, and better manage user permissions. Many of our customers have been looking for ways to query account metadata, so we’re excited to be able to offer this! See how else you can use Usage Data in one of our latest blog posts.

More Database and SQL Support

We’ve added support for AWS Athena and Qubole. With these updates, Periscope users can connect to data stored in AWS Athena, Presto, and Hive.

We’re happy to share that we now support standard SQL in BigQuery! Up until now, BigQuery customers had to write queries in legacy SQL. With this latest update, you can choose your preferred dialect. Check out our documentation to see how you can adjust your preferences.

We've introduced a new schema browser that makes it easier to switch between data types and sources. You’ll now see icons that make it simple to visually differentiate between data types in table columns.

Editor and Visualization Enhancements

We’ve made a series of small improvements to our SQL Editor and visualization features this month. These changes are intended to help you be even more efficient when writing queries and analyzing charts. These include:

  • Y-Axis Fit Scaling: The y-axis can now closely fit dynamic data, instead of starting at 0 or a fixed minimum.
  • Editor Error Positioning: Syntax issues in SQL can now be identified by an orange triangle on the erring line.
  • Editor Autosuggest: Autosuggest now includes words from the current query—not just past queries—when making suggestions.

New Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

We’ve switched over to Intercom to provide an even smoother support experience. Our Solutions team is famously fast. They’ll be even zippier with Intercom. And more importantly, it’ll be easier to coordinate inquiries over multiple chats and emails. Have you tried out our new live chat system? Be sure to say hi to Sunny and the team!

An in-product Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey will help us keep a frequent pulse on customer happiness. An NPS survey gauges how likely a consumer is to recommend a company, product, or service. Many companies conduct these on a monthly or quarterly basis, but at Periscope, we want to have a near real-time lens into how our users are feeling and what we can do to improve. Many of our product enhancements are the result of user feedback, so it’s important to be able to key in on what people like about using Periscope as well as what we could do to make their experience even more awesome.

It’s been a productive month—our product and engineering teams are looking forward to a long holiday weekend to kick back and relax.

Customers that want to learn more about our latest updates should reach out to their account manager at [email protected] Not a customer? Sign up for a free trial to see how you can help your organization become more data-driven.


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Tom O'Neill
Periscope Data was started in Tom's apartment, where he built the first version of the product in a weekend. He leads Periscope Data's engineering efforts, and holds the coveted customer-facing bugfix record. (10 minutes!)