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Four Trends to Discuss at Gartner's Data & Analytics Summit 2019

We’re closing in on the 2019 Gartner Data & Analytic Summit. Periscope Data will be headed to Orlando to talk about how businesses can use data to make better decisions. Specifically, we’re excited to dig into how attendees and their teams use data now and how they can better use data to answer even more valuable questions.

Our CEO Harry Glaser and CTO Tom O’Neill will both be featured speakers at sessions during the summit; if you want to continue the conversations they start on stage, we’d be thrilled to dive deeper at our booth (#229). Get a sneak peek at both sessions in our Periscope Data at Gartner’s Data & Analytics Summit 2019 preview blog post.

But those aren’t the only topics on our mind as we head to Orlando. Below is a quick look into some other trends that we’re excited about exploring at this year’s summit.

1. Collaboration between data teams and line-of-business teams

Translating data into business value is an effort that takes the entire company. To do it right, data experts and business professionals need to be working in lock step. Both groups have valuable skills to contribute to the analysis process and the most advanced data teams incorporate a workflow that maximizes both skill sets. We’ve got great ideas about how these groups can work together and we’d love to hear how your team is collaborating.

2. Data maturity

We’ve seen a lot of companies build data teams and adopt data-centric strategies. Every business handles this process their own way, but we’ve noticed some larger trends in the way companies pursue more advanced methods of making decisions with data. We’re looking at the Gartner summit as a way to bounce our ideas off of other data pros and put together some information that we can use to help customers create a long-term blueprint for their data team. Shortly after this year’s event, we’ll share the results of these conversations in a broader discussion.

3. End-to-end analytics

With the incredible rate of growth in data technologies in recent years, cutting-edge data teams are constantly adjusting their workflow to add new tools that specialize in a single step of the process. The end result of this Frankenstein data stack is a structure that might provide answers, but also creates a lot of room for errors, resource misallocations, data discrepancies and system failures. With a tool like Periscope Data and technologies like Data Engine, you can connect, analyze, visualize and share all your data from one platform. As the volume of data increases, efficiency and speed are going to become even more important, and an end-to-end data stack will be imperative.

4. Disruption through data

For any industry, today’s competitive landscape can often be split into the old guard and the modern disruptors. The disruptors are the companies that are changing the way they make decisions with data and focusing on building mature analysis processes. The future of every industry is data and the earlier players make the decision to invest in data, the sooner they’ll emerge as leaders. CEO Harry Glaser recently covered this topic with theCUBE — check out that interview for more information on using data to become a disruptor.

Are you going to this year’s summit? We’d love to see you there. Check out a full list of our activities and make sure to schedule time for a meeting at our Gartner Data & Analytics Summit event page.


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