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Doing Data Right: Breaking Down Access Barriers

Data is a company’s most powerful asset. In the hands of a skilled analyst, data can be the best way to discover insights about a business and produce recommendations that will drive optimal results. Traditionally, this type of work has been handled by a small team of professionals who have jurisdiction over the entire data process: governance, integrity, cleaning, analysis, recommendations, etc. That team’s control over a valuable resource can be used to drive business decisions for every other team.

This structure, with data access limited to a small team, is a great way to make sure that the most data-savvy employees are making decisions. But there’s a tradeoff when a company entrusts the analysis process entirely to one team — expertise from other business units is left out. The people on those teams have valuable insights to add, but there are too many technical barriers preventing their involvement.

As we look at the 1000+ customers using our platform, the most disruptive companies are those that make data-driven decisions supported by the knowledge of a diverse range of internal experts. They’re structuring their analysis to allow everyone to operate within their expertise. Instead of seizing end-to-end control of the analysis process, disruptive data teams are using their skills to break down barriers that are separating the rest of the company from relevant data. When data is done right, everyone has instant access to the information they need to make decisions.

That’s the driving principle behind our new Periscope Data discovery for business interface. Data professionals can create datasets that are tailor-made for individuals or groups throughout the business, who can use their specific expertise to explore and make discoveries. Data teams still manage the process, since they are uniquely qualified to do, while business users are able to make connections and tell stories with data that they are uniquely suited to find. Everyone’s skills are put to the best use.

Wider access means business users can now explore data the instant they need it, without having to wait for a long modeling process or learn a new proprietary language to query the data. They don’t even need to know SQL; all of the analysis can be done in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that removes traditional barriers to data access.

This new class of citizen data scientists can explore with the confidence that they’re seeing accurate, up-to-date information. When they make a discovery, they can easily create a visualization of that data to share their findings with other stakeholders. It’s a better way to increase the data literacy of a workforce and allow analytics to infiltrate the decision-making process of every team.

Another benefit of this wider analytical approach is that the data team is freed from routine reporting tasks. If they’re tackling the data preparation and then passing the analysis off to trained business users, they have extra bandwidth to explore issues at greater depth and discover new insights on their own. Not only are they opening the door for citizen data scientists to make new discoveries, they’re also empowering their own problem-solving initiatives to reach new levels.

At Periscope Data, our goal has always been to empower the data team to be superheroes. Periscope Data discovery for business allows a small team of data professionals to knock down all the barriers between business users and the data they need, making data accessible to everyone at an organization. This is data optimized for every user’s skills. This is data done right.


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