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Celebrating Inspiring Women at Periscope Data

Since our founding, Periscope Data has been committed to creating an equal playing field for all employees and building a team that is reflective of the general population. Not only because we believe that our diversity and inclusion efforts help drive our business objectives, but also to ensure that we can overdeliver on our customers’ disparate range of needs.

Having previously worked with inspiring leaders like Candice Morgan, Pinterest’s head of inclusion & diversity, I know the importance of looking at metrics across all levels of a company. A quick overview of Periscope’s data makes it pretty clear that when it comes to gender, we are ahead of the curve, with a leadership team that includes 5 men and 4 women. This is especially remarkable when you consider that on average, women hold only 22% of c-level positions.

So what do these numbers really mean? How do they impact our company? What do we actually do to maintain a diversity agenda both internally and with our customers?

Championing diverse perspectives at Periscope Data

Internally, having female representation has helped us understand a more diverse set of perspectives. It’s also positively impacted our efforts to recruit and retain top talent — according to a recent Glassdoor study, 67% of job seekers look at workforce diversity when evaluating an offer. Having above average female representation, especially in technical leadership positions, has also created a strong company culture where individuality is ever more sought after and respected.

At Periscope Data, it’s common to have leaders of both genders readily acknowledging family commitments, running around town in pink headbands doing our version of the Amazing Race or urging each other to go to the gym via our #periscopemove Slack channel.

How we’re celebrating Women’s History Month

With March being Women’s History Month, we’re kicking off a series of events at Periscope Data that are focused on further supporting our female employees and spotlighting some of our awesome female customers:

  • We’re joining together to celebrate the film Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics’ first solo female movie lead), having a workshop on executive presence and networking, hosting a panel discussion with three of our female leaders and offering professional headshot sessions for all interested employees.
  • The Periscope-Her group is also partnering with Kaleidoscope (Periscope’s community for underrepresented employees of color and allies) to read and discuss “All You Can Ever Know” by Nicole Chung.
  • We’re having an all-female speaker lineup at our weekly company All Hands on International Women's Day (March 8).

Alongside these internal initiatives, we also wanted to find a way to honor some of Periscope Data’s awesome female customers. Since one of our goals this year is to accelerate data teams, we decided to ask some of our favorite customers, who happen to be female, to tell us about their biggest achievements in the last year, who inspires them and a little selfishly, how Periscope Data makes their lives easier.

Periscope's incredible female customers

We’ll be sharing the results of these conversations over the course of the month, but some of the answers to the questions about our product were just too good to sit on. Here’s a quick preview of some of the best responses when we asked them to finish this statement: “Periscope makes my life easier by ...”

  • “Making data accessible so that anyone can gather quick insights into our users.” - Amanda Baker
  • “Making it super quick and easy to take a requirement and create a chart for it anywhere, anytime. My clients love seeing something other than excel sheets to bring the data to life. - Katie Burwell
  • “Integrating existing data science languages and tools in one platform which enables my team to quickly perform complex transformations and analysis.” - Ashley Felber
  • “Making my meetings far more effective. My team can easily query and present live data mid-meeting to provide valuable product insights in real time.” - Gina Mendolia

We’ll be featuring more information about these inspiring female customers on the Periscope Data LinkedIn page this month, so follow us there to see the rest!

For me and the rest of the incredible women I work with, Periscope Data was the right join. If you’re interested in joining our inclusive team, we’d love to have you. Check out the Periscope Data Careers page to learn more about our values see where you can fit in.


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Erin Winkler-McCue
Erin is chief of staff at Periscope Data. She's focused on helping drive impact across the company, whether supporting the CEO and COO on critical initiatives or using her knowledge of customers and CSM background to help support an upcoming campaign launch. When she's not making things happen at Periscope, Erin runs a women in tech group in the Bay Area. You can usually also find her planning her next trip abroad.