Ad-Hoc Querying

Expert data analysts need the best tools for answering a thousand questions accurately.

Advanced SQL Editor

Enjoy writing SQL with an editor lovingly crafted by data analysts for data analysts.

Crush page after page of SQL with intelligent autocomplete, revision history for every query, query formatting, and universal syntax helpers for different database SQL dialects.

Instant Visualization

With a great editor and end-to-end workflow optimization, you'll be cranking out polished visualizations faster than ever.

Visualize data in seconds with an integrated charting workflow that doesn't require jumping between multiple tools.

Start a query and end up with a dozen charts on a team dashboard within minutes.

Tackle Complexity

Create views within Periscope Data to save curated analysis everyone can reuse. Solve the big mysteries with layers of correct analysis.

Collaborate on queries with team members. Iterate on complex queries safely with complete revision history and rollback.

Share Results

With unlimited users, you can invite your entire team and company into Periscope Data. All results are instantly and automatically shared to everyone with permission.

Schedule email reports and recipients will wake up to fresh data in their inbox.

Share secure links to interactive dashboards, or embed Periscope Data charts and dashboards directly in your website.

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